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* Christophe Caze
was born on 10/22/1969 in France. He was a medical school dropout from Lille, an industrial city next to Roubaix. In 1992, while in his fifth year as a medical student, Christophe Caze travelled to Bosnia, for humanitarian reasons, and worked in Zenica hospital. Zenica is a village in Bosnia where  a battalion of Arab volunteers, in the 7 Mujahideen Brigade, led by Abdelkader Mokhtari, was operating. In Bosnia Christophe Caze was attracted to Islam. He converted, joined the Islamic fighters and became radical in his Islamic views (see also – Imad al-Hussein). 


While In Zenica, Christophe Caze got acquainted with Lionel Dumont and some other French Muslim residents, most of them from North African descent. When Christophe Caze returned to France he became the leader of the Roubaix Gang manned by veterans from Bosnia and Afghanistan living in Northern France. Christophe Caze spent his time between France and Bosnia travelling on and off until late 1995 when the war in Bosnia ended with Dayton agreement, signed officially in Paris on 12/14/1995.   


In 1995 Christophe Caze facilitated the travel of Abu Hamza al-Masri to Bosnia and kept his connection with Abu Hamza al-Masri when he returned to UK, probably in order to expend his Roubaix Gang network to UK too. 


After the 03/29/1996 shootout, Christophe Caze, fleeing into Belgium, was shot dead at a police roadblock along with Omar Zemmiri, 29.


Christophe Caze’s address book was found to contain the contact information for Fateh Kamel, an Algerian living in Canada suspected of militant ties. 
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