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* Fateh Kamel was born in Algeria in 1961. He joined the war in Afghanistan in the mid 80s’. In 1988 Fateh  Kamel left Afghanistan and moved to Montreal, Canada.

In 09/1993 Fateh  Kamel, along with two Moroccan-born Canadians, Mohamed Omary and Abdallah Ouzghar, left Montreal to join the war in Bosnia. He fought with the “Al Mujahid” unit under the command of the Algerian Abdelkader Mokhtari and the 7 Mujahideen Brigade . Fateh Kamel was in the payroll of the Turkish IHH – . In Bosnia, Fateh  Kamel met French converts to Islam – Lionel Dumont and Christopher Caze, the future members of the ultra-violent French Jihadist group known as the “Roubaix Gang”.

In 1996 Fateh  Kamel joined Osama Bin Laden in Khartoum, where he acted as an interface between the Armed Islamic Group – GIA and Al Qaeda. He returned to Montreal, probably, in 1997 where he began with the formation of a Jihadist network in Montreal, Canada. Fateh  Kamel’s network specialized in the procurement of funds and forged documents, particularly Canadian passports, for Global Jihad. Among the Algerian that approached Fateh  Kamel’s network was Ahmed Ressam, arrested on 12/21/1999 for his attempt to carry out the LOS ANGELES MILLENNIUM  plot.

In 03/1998 Fateh Kamel flew to Pakistan where he met senior al-Qaeda figure – Abu Zubaydah. Fateh  Kamel arranged for Ahmed Ressam, along with two of his former Montreal roommates, Said Atmani and Mustafa Labsi, military training in Al Qaedas’ Khalden camp in Afghanistan. It is most likely that in Khalden camp the Montreal 99 cell was consolidated and the LOS ANGELES MILLENNIUM plot planned.  

In 04/1999 Fateh  Kamel with another Montreal 99 cell member, Noureddine Saidi, were arrested in Jordan for an investigation, at the request of French intelligence. He was extradited to France on 12/15/1999 for terror charges related to his support to the “Gang de Roubaix”.

Fateh  Kamel was tried in Paris in 2001, convicted in 03/2002 and sentenced to eight years in prison for his role in various terrorist plots, including a subway bomb plot, and supplying fraudulent passports to known extremists. His sentence was reduced because of his good behavior and he was released from jail in 01/2005. Fateh  Kamel returned to Canada on 01/29/2005.

Today (07/2007) Fateh  Kamel is a free man living in the Montreal area with his wife and young son. 

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