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Najibullah Zazi was charged, on Thursday 09/24/2009, by the New York Grand Jury, with planning to use “one or more weapons of mass destruction” in an alleged terror attack in USA.


The indictment is based on Najibullah Zazi’s own confession that he, indeed, went through military training, including handling of explosives, in an Al Qaeda training camp near Peshawar, Pakistan, in summer 2008 and a preliminary experience Najibullah Zazi made, on 09/06/2009, with liquid aerosols, in a Denver hotel room, while asking an associate, through the cell phone, for specific instructions. (The associate could be an FBI under cover agent).  
The indictment is based also on hand written sketches found in his laptop and in his home in a suburb of Denver, Colorado, on 09/16/2009, video of New York’s Grand Central Terminal, a massive junction of rail and subway lines, and on the usage of the words “The weeding is ready” often used by Al Qaeda in the past as a code, hinting that they are ready for the operation. 


Najibullah Zazi was stopped by police, on 10/10/2009, on the George Washington Bridge, which connects New Jersey to Manhattan, and consented to a “random” search of his vehicle for drugs. He was allowed to leave afterwards. Apartments related to him in Queens, New York, were searched, on 09/14/2009, and his home in Denver, two days later, on Wednesday 09/16/2009.


Najibullah Zazi was interviewed at FBI headquarters in Denver late Wednesday but was not under arrest, according to his attorney, Arthur Folsom. Zazi provided authorities a DNA sample, a fingerprint, handwriting samples and information about his travel history.


Najibullah Zazi was officially arrested only four days later, on 09/20/2009, after the Imam of Al-Bakar Mosque in Queens, Ahmad Wais Afzali, who was an informant of the NYPD intelligence department, was asked to look after Najibullah Zazi but instead he tipped off Najibullah Zazi that he is under surveillance. This arrest was, by all means, far premature since he already knew he is under investigation since the search in Queens, on 09/14/2009, if not earlier (see -Zazi Plot) .

Indeed, a senior NYPD commander, Inspector Paul Ciorra from the NYPD’s Intelligence Division, has been transferred amid questions about the handling of the informant Ahmad Wais Afzali, an official confirmed, on Thursday 09/24/2009.


The arrests was made, probably, also because of the enormous pressure on the USA counterterrorism authorities giving The 9/11 anniversary, the audiotape of Bin Laden, broadcasted in the web, on 09/13/2009, and it was feared to contain hidden codes, and the annual UN General Assembly meeting in New York, in which over 100 heads of states gathered in the city at the same time.   


Despite world wide enormous efforts, in which nearly every one of the FBI’s 57 field offices in the country and  overseas were on the case, the authorities failed to find caches of explosives, materials to produce home made Triacetone Triperoxide explosives, such as Hydrogen peroxide, or suitable fertilizers. Police also failed to identify or arrest even one of the up to 24 suspects Najibullah Zazi allegedly was in contact with in USA and abroad (see – F.B.I 09.23.09). FBI is still looking, in USA, after 4 suspects, who were, allegedly, associates of Najibullah Zazi in the plot (see -AQ Network System).


* An uncle by marriage of Najibullah Zazi, Naqib Zazi, 38, was indicted on Wednesday 01/27/2010, on a single unspecified nature felony charge. The court documents listed him as John Doe, a common practice in cases where a defendant is cooperating with law enforcement officials. The New York Times reported that authorities would not reveal the reason for his detention.


* Two Canadians, Imam and Yar, were charged in Canada in absentia, on Tuesday 03/15/2011. Authorities said they played a key role in 09/2009 Zazi Plot.

* Accordind to Najibullah Zazi’s testemony in New York court, on 04/17/2012, as a goverment witness at Medunjanin’s trial, The seeds for the scheme were planted about five years ago (2007) with a discussion in the parking lot of a Queens mosque, where Zazi, Adis Medunjanin and Zarein Ahmedzay worshipped together (see – Adis and Zarein). He said they were inflamed by recordings of U.S.-born extremist Anwar al-Awlaki and other radical clerics. He added that he was motivated in part by a belief that the culprit behind The 9/11 was “America itself.” 


Najibullah Zazi also testified that during a subsequent 2008 trip to Pakistan, the three Americans met a top Al Qaida operative they knew only as Hamad. Authorities say Hamad was Adnan El Shukrijumah. 

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