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Ahmed  Safri is a Swedish citizen from Moroccan Origin. He is married with a family in Sweden. His elder children are in their mid 20’. Ahmed  Safri returned to his native country, Morocco, in late 2006, to organize a support team that sent several fighters to Iraq. Most members of his network came from the Northern Moroccan town of Tetouan therefore his group got the name “Tetouan cell” (see also -Munir Awad).

The suspected cell members, who were arrested in 01/2007, were charged with “ideological, financial and logistical ties” to several terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda

0n 05/15/2008 a Moroccan court ordered to broaden the investigation into the cell, to include the relatives of some of the 27 people detained.

The trial of the “Tetouan cell” began, on 05/20/2008 in Sale, near the capital, Rabat. The prosecution asked the criminal court in Sale for 20 years imprisonment for Ahmed  Safri and Khaled Ould Ali Tahar who led the cell. According to the Moroccan prosecution some suspects had traveled to Iraq, while others had gone to a militant training camp in Morocco’s neighboring Algeria using fake identity papers. The group had regular contact with people in Iraq and Syria by Internet and cell phone.

The lawyer for Mohammed Ben Joudan, a cell member who could face 15 years behind bars, insisted the only element that the prosecution has against him was that he had attended a Muslim religious school in Mauritania more than 10 years ago.


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