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On Wednesday 10/26/2011, without any Israeli provocation, under the alleged justification of the remembrance day of the killing of their first leader Fathi Shaqaqi in Malta, on 10/06/1995, the PALESTINIAN Islamic Jihad launched long range Grad rockets to towns and villages up to 35 km away from Gaza Strip, affecting Israeli population of about 1.5 millions, including in major towns like Ashdod, Ashkelon and Beer Sheva. As for Tuesday 11/01/2011, over 35 long range Grad rockets and many dozens mortar shells, Qassam and Katiyusha rockets were fired on Israel civilian infrastructure (see – Bashar’s Warning ). 

 PALESTINIAN Islamic Jihad is designated by Europe and USA as a terror organization and, indeed, all their fire was deliberately targeting only civilian targets as towns and villages in Israel. One Israeli civilian was killed and three others, all civilians, were wounded. The life of about 1.5 millions Israelis was severely disrupted (see -Rockets 10.26.11 ) .  

Israel is a sovereign Democratic state and a member in the UN. Israel responded to the attack with UAV missile attacks on the rocket launchers and their teams killing 10 people. All were armed militant members killed while actually operating and carrying out the attacks against Israel. Nine were from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and one from the Popular Palestinian Liberation Front – a radical Left wing militant organization. No collateral damage or uninvolved casualties were reported from the Palestinian side.

Despite the clear picture of an unprovoked attack on civilians by a terror organization the European Union’s High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton, on Sunday 10/30/2011, condemned the recent flare-up along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip, criticizing the targeting of civilians “wherever they are.”  

 Commenting on the recent escalation along the Israel-Gaza border, Ashton indicated in a statement that she was “very concerned at the renewed exchange of fire in Gaza Strip and the South of Israel following the firing of rockets by Islamic Jihad from Gaza into Israel.”   

 “I wholeheartedly condemn the indiscriminate targeting of civilians wherever they are. I call on all sides to respect the ceasefire brokered by Egypt,” she added.

 Catherine Ashton, although acknowledged that the recent round of violence was ignited and initiated by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, refused to condemn specifically the terror organization. She also did not mention the legitimate right of any country, including Israel, to defense and protect their citizens.

 According to Catherine Ashton’s statement both sides, indiscriminately, target civilians, which she “wholeheartedly condemns”. She made a full analogy between a designated terror organization targeting only civilians and a sovereign state, which is supposed to protect its civilians, targeting only fighters in action.

 It turned out that terror as a method of targeting civilians to spread fear and chaos has a very flexible definition in Europe, especially when it comes to the right of Israel to exercise self protection.

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