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Forsane-Alizza (Knights of Pride) Iis a radical Salafist group , founded by Mohammed Achamlane, in his 30s’, a French Muslim living in the Loire-Atlantique, in early 2010 and that was disassembled in 01/2012. he group’s stated purpose: “to trumpet the words of Allah” and “bring Muslims back to the kitab [the Qur’an] and the Sunnah”.

According to the group’s official source, its main objective is to support the Mujahideen throughout the world. To this end, the group clearly states its rejection of every “democratic” system, and its absolute refusal to ever consider supporting anyone during any kind of election (see – Cultural Conflict).

According to the group’s website, it is unacceptable for a Muslim to innovate within the religion, for example by saying that Muslims should obey the laws of the country they live in. Furthermore, according to the group’s ideology, Islam was enlightened during the period of the Caliphate, when Islam had a harmonious society with its own administration, currency and army. But for the past 80 years, the Islamic world has been undergoing what the group calls a process of colonization; this has led Muslim countries to have a very poor way of life, and has forced Muslims living in the West to live as inferior member of society: in ghettos, discriminated against, subject to public aggression (see – Europe-fears).

In a jihadi Web forum Al-Fida Forsane-Alizza published a video clip, in early 2012, created by a group of Salafists in France (see – Salafiya), filmed in Paris and is in French. Forsane-Alizza decries French Islamophobia and what Forsane-Alizza calls “the campaign of incitement and persecution” being waged by French public figures, led by President Sarkozy, against France’s Muslim population and against the group. In the clip, Forsane-Alizza declares that it does not recognize France’s secular democratic regime, and is working to see shariaa law] implemented in France. The forum member who posted the clip praised the efforts of Forsane-Alizza to protect the downtrodden Muslims in infidel lands; he noted that the group was composed of young people raised in France, Belgium and other countries.
Mohammed Achamlane, also known as Abu Hamza, runs the very active Forsane-Alizza’s website (now closed). Mohammed Achamlane declared, with a reference to the Prophet’s paternal uncle, that the group would take distinct action, and not just talk. Abu Hamza clearly told the press that if people did not understand that his group was going to take real action – then they were all fools. Forsane-Alizza has about 2000 followers in Facebook (see profile of Mohammed Merah ). 


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