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A female suicide bomber blew herself up, on Monday 09/15/2008 late night, in Balad Ruz, 70km northeast of Baghdad, in Diyala province, among Iraqi police officers who were celebrating the release of a friend from USA custody, killing at least 22 people, Iraqi officials said. The female bomber (see –  Samira Jassim) targeted the home of a police commissioner who had been detained by USA troops for allegedly co-operating with the Mahdi Army, the Shiaa pro-Iranian militia (see – Dujail 09.12.08 ).

Iraq insurgency is increasingly turning to women to launch suicide attacks because they can conceal explosives more easily under long garments and evade searches by male security guards.

The attack happened as Robert Gates, the US defense secretary, met USA and local commanders in Iraq. Robert Gates arrived to Iraq in order to promote General Raymond Odierno to his fourth star and to attend a military ceremony on Tuesday 09/16/2008 when Odierno takes over command of the 146,000-strong US force in Iraq from General David Petraeus.

In a similar attack, on 08/24/2008, a suicide bomber blew himself up at a celebration to welcome home an Iraqi detainee released from USA custody, killing at least 25 people (see – Abu Ghraib 08.24.08).

Diyala remains one of Iraq’s most violent provinces. The US says suspected Al Qaeda in Iraq fighters have sought sanctuary in Diyala after being pushed out of other parts of the country. The attack is yet another example of Muslims killing Muslims in Behalf of Allah and Jihad.


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