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Five Palestinian militants have died and about 10 other wounded in a series of clashes with Israeli soldiers along the Israel-Gaza border, on Monday 06/08/2009 dawn.


The violence happened as Palestinian gunmen tried to cross the heavily fortified border into Israel in some points, simultaneously, between Karni and Nahal Oz crossings. According to locals, the Palestinian fighters fired anti-tank missiles and set off explosives against an IDF patrol.


Reuters news agency quoted a local radio station as saying that 10 Palestinian militants – some on horseback – attempted to cross the border under cover of early-morning fog.

The Palestinians retreated under the covering fire of mortars.


The Israeli military said troops opened fire after being shot at by the gunmen. It is one of the most serious outbreaks of violence between Israel and militants from Gaza since the end of a three-week OPERATION CAST LEAD in 01/2009.


The character of the attack, a simultaneous attack, at dawn, under cover of early-morning fog and the retread under the covering fire of mortars is a well coordinated attack and resembled previous attacks meant to kidnap Israeli Soldiers. It is most likely that this was the purpose of the recent attack too.


Army of Islam, led by the brothers Mumtaz and Zacarias Durmush, took responsibility on the failed attack. The Al Qaeda affiliated group was also involved in the kidnapping of the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, on 06/25/2006 dawn.   


Few hours later the Hamas in Gaza also took responsibility on the attack and specifically said the assault meant to kidnap an Israeli soldier. The second enouncement echoed Israeli media and seems, therefore, unreliable.


A third group, based in the South of Gaza Strip in Rafah and Khan Younis and is inspired by al Qaeda and Global Jihad, Jund Ansar-Allah (Soldiers of the Victorious God), which announced its establishment in the Gaza Strip in 11/2008, took the next day responsibility on the clash. Intelligence sources later confirmed that, eventually, the Jund Ansar-Allah was indeed behind the audacious attempt (see – Jaljalat).  


According to intelligence sources two of the attackers killed in the raid were not local Palestinians but a Yemeni citizen and an Egyptian. 



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