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*Amin Ahmed Salah Snobar (1), born in 1990, from Kfar Yasif in northern Israel, was arrested by Shin Bet and Israeli Police after attempting to return to Israel from Syria in early 01/2015.

Amin Ahmed Salah Snobar traveled to Syria via Turkey last year and joined Jabhat al-Nusra in 08/2014 and received  military training for several weeks.  He was indicted in Haifa, on 01/29/2015.


* Hamza Sami Sari Magamseh (2), born in 1992, from Yafa an-Naseriyye, an Arab council in the lower Galilee,  Hamza Sami Sari Magamseh,admitted that he had left for Turkey on 10/05/2014, with three of his friends, and he and two of the friends, Muhammad Maruan Kilani (3) and Muhammad Sabr Kananeh (4), decided to continue to Syria in order to join the Islamic State group – ISIS. He contacted I.S.I.S using Facebook. Upon their recruitment to the organization in early October, Magamseh and his two friends waited at an ISIS camp for 10 days until the beginning of a training course, that included both theoretical lessons, weapons training and physical fitness training, as well as Sharia and religion studies. At the training camp, Magamseh and his friends also met Maharan Yussuf Khaladi (5), After 10 days, Hamza Sami Sari Magamseh decided to return to Israel, left the training camp without leave, and returned to Turkey the same way he infiltrated Syria. He was arrested at the hotel by Turkish police and returned to Israel in late 10/2014.

 Hamza Sami Sari Magamseh. on Sunday 11/23/2014.  became the first Israeli citizen to be indicted for joining ISIS. He was sentenced, on wednesday 07/01/2015, to three years in prison.


* Maharan Yussuf Khaladi, born in 1995,  joined the Islamic State – ISIS and was seriously wounded in Fallujah, Iraq in a coalition airstrike. he was arrested, on 01/10/2015, uponreturn to Israel at Ben-Gurion International Airport.  Maharan Yussuf Khaladi was indicted, on 02/01/2015, at the Nazareth District Court.

 Maharan Khaladi said in his investigation that he left for Turkey in 10/2014 after being exposed to Islamic State content on the internet and contacting an IS operative on Facebook. In Syria he met three other Israeli Arabs from Yafa an-Naseriyye: Muhammad Maruan Kilani, Muhammad Sabr Kananeh and Hamza Sami magamseh.

 After three weeks at the IS camp, where Maharan Yussuf Khaladi underwent physical training, theoretical classes on weaponry and did guard duty. He then received his posting and was sent to Iraq to a base in the Fallujah area, where he learned how to operate weapons and sent to join the fighting.  He participated in five battles in the Fallujah area. During the fifth battle, in which he was planting explosives to use against Shiite forces, carried arms and dug hiding places, he was seriously wounded – likely during an airstrike by the US-led coalition (see – U.S 2014 Strategy ).

 Maharan Khaladi, according to his attorney, “regrets going there. The fact he returned and crossed the border and paid off smugglers to return says it all.”,

 The Shin Bet and police estimated, in 01/2015,  that more than 30 Israeli Arabs have joined the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.


The teacher, Sallah al-Din Mahmeed (6), 24,  Umm al-Fahem was arrested in 09/2014  on the suspicion he smuggled objects related to the Islamic State group to Israel from Jordan, and charged him with showing solidarity with a terrorist organization or unlawful association (see also – ISRAELI ARABS ).


Israeli Arab Ahmad Habashi (7), 23, from the village of Iksal, near Nazareth, left to Syria in late 2013, along with Rabiya Shahade (8), 26. a brilliant student with both Christian, Jewish friends, from Nazareth. He chose Abu Musaab Alsafuri as his nom de guerre.  Ahmad Habashi  was killed in a fire exchange in Iraq, his family was told on Saturday 11/08/2014..

In 11/2014 Haifa Magistrate’s Court sentenced 23-year-old Israeli Arab Ahmad Shurbaji (9), 23,  from  Umm al-Fahm, to 22 months’ imprisonment for traveling to Syria to volunteer as a fighter with the Islamic State. Three months after arriving in Syria, Shurbaji contacted a Shin Bet agent and begged to return to Israel, saying his attempt to join the Islamic State had been a “mistake.”

An Arab-Israeli resident of Northern Israel was shot dead in Iraq on Wednesday 04/08/2015, during a gun battle – two years after fleeing Israel to join the ranks of the Islamic State group terror according to his family.

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