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Seven ISRAELI ARABS from the city of Nazareth have been arrested for allegedly murdering a taxi driver in 11/2009, and carrying out a series of terrorist attacks, the Shin.Bet (Israel Security Agency) revealed, on Monday 06/28/2010. They formed a group, who police said, were tied to Global Jihad and and named themselves ‘Anssar Allas’ (The Victorious of God ).


According to police, the group became more radical over the past few years after being exposed to online video clips posted by Osama Bin Laden and his followers, which also helped them obtain knowledge on the use of weapons and explosives. The group regularly watched Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden’s lectures online and wanted to join the fight against Jewish and Christian “infidels.”

In a joint police-Shin.Bet operation, the seven, aged 19-26, were arrested in 05/2010 for a series of attacks that were carried out with nationalistic motivations, the security agency said. The suspects used to pray and got acquainted to each other in Shihab a-Din Mosque in Nazareth, led by the Radical Imam Nazim Abu Salim, aka Abu Osama Al-Nasiri.

Some of those arrested were allegedly involved in the murder of taxi driver Yafim Weinstein, who was killed, on 11/30/2009 night, in Kfar Hahoresh near Nazareth, as well as other attacks. The Shin.Bet also found that two of the men: 1 – Ahmed Ali Ahmed, 21, and  2 –Galeb Ganayim, 22, flew to Ethiopia in 04/2010 in order to join al-Shabab in Somalia and fight “infidels”. They failed to cross into Somalia from Ethiopia and moved to Kenya. In Kenya were caught by the Kenyan authorities on the border with Somalia and handed over back to Israel.

Three others planned to kidnap a Nazareth Christian resident who, according to the suspects, cursed Muhammad, and planned to execute him on video, but did not do so. They also stabbed a pizza delivery man in Nazareth Illite (Upper Nazareth), stealing his scooter and NIS 100. 

Others were accused of selling weapons, shooting in residential areas and burning tour buses, in revenge for OPERATION CAST LEAD. The three murderers of Yafim Weinstein are: Ahmed Ali Ahmed, Galeb Ganayim and ,3- Haider Zaidana, 26.


The other cell members are; 4 – Asim Muhhamad Alan, 23, 5 –Abed al-Rahman Azz a-Din abu-Salim, 19, 6 – Udei Mahmoud Azzam 23, all from Nazareth, and 7 –Omar Ali Kahili from a small village near Nazareth.

The 7 suspects were charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, assault, Molotov cocktail attacks, weapons manufacturing and arms trade and a host of other criminal offences, including kidnapping and armed robbery.


In the hearing in court, on Monday 06/28/2010, the prime suspect and the ringleader Ahmed Ali Ahmed shouted slogans praising Osama Bin Laden.  


* Defense Minister Ehud Barak declared, on Monday 07/25/2011, the religious Israeli-Arab organization Anssar Allah illegal due to its involvement in terrorist activities. 


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