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Western intelligence agencies are tracking a significant terror plot to carry out commando-style raids on cities in Britain, France and Germany, European intelligence sources revealed on Tuesday 09/28/2010. 

It is thought teams of jihadists plan to seize Western hostages and murder them – in a manner similar to the siege of two Indian hotels in Mumbai (see – Mumbai Carnage ). The plot is believed to be in its early stages.

Indeed, the German Federal Criminal Police, already on 09/25/2010, warned about an imminent attack by Hayrettin Burhan. Intelligence agencies on both sides of the Atlantic are tracking one of the most serious Jihadi attack plans in recent years – believed to be headed by the French citizen and Hamburg resident Naamen Meziche.

The mastermind behind the plot, which is said to have been ordered and financed by Osama Bin Laden, is allegedly Sheikh Younis al-Mauritani, a senior Al Qaeda leader and involved with it’s external operations council. The plan is understood to include small well-armed commando-style teams of jihadist militants. The idea is thought to have moved from the inspirational stage to actual planning.

Western security agencies may have been hoping to keep their knowledge of it out of the public spotlight for longer so criminal evidence could be gathered, but initial details were leaked to the USA press when The Wall Street Journal reported, on Tuesday 09/28/2010, that in an effort to foil a suspected terrorist plot against European targets, the CIA has ramped up missile strikes against militants in Pakistan’s tribal regions. According to the article, the strikes, launched from unmanned drone aircraft, represent a rare use of the CIA’s drone UAV campaign to preempt a possible terror attack on the West.

The terror plot, which officials have been tracking for weeks, is believed to target multiple countries, including the UK., France, and Germany, the Wall Street Journal said. The Pakistani Lashkar-e-Toiba, with ties to the Pakistani intelligence – ISI, already proved his world wide capacities in the Mumbai Carnage and other international terror plots (see – The-Network ). 

In the UK, the national threat remains at severe, where it has been since January, meaning a terrorist attack is thought highly likely. But government officials say there are no plans to raise it to the highest level of critical, and they do not expect to see an imminent wave of arrests.

A German Islamic radical, Ahmad S., held by American forces in Afghanistan has revealed details of planned terror attacks in Germany and other European countries, Der Spiegel weekly reported, on Saturday 09/04/2010.

The USA believes that the detainee, a 36-year-old from Hamburg, is a “major source” of information on future attacks, the news magazine reported. According to the Der Spiegel, the detainee, identified only as Ahmad S., was part of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan -IMU. Ahmad S. travelled to Peshawar in Pakistan in 03/2009 before heading to the Afghan border (see also -Taiba Mosque).

On Monday 10/04/2010, the German interior ministry revealed that 70 Germans had been given paramilitary training in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and one third of them had returned home.

* France and Germany are both on a heightened state of security alert. France is also under another alert of a possible female suicide bomber, affiliated to MAGHREB al-Qaeda (AQIM), who is supposed to attack in Paris (see – FR Alert 09.22.10). French security authorities already evacuated briefly, on Tuesday 09/28/2010, the second time in the last two weeks, the Eiffel Tower, and a day earlier, on Monday 09/27/2010, the Paris railway station Saint Lazare. 

** Two British brothers of Pakistani origin were at the heart of the terror plot against British and other European cities, intelligence sources in Pakistan have said on Thursday 09/30/2010. Pakistan, Britain, along with Germany who had eight nationals implicated in the plot, are tracking the suspects and intercepting their phone calls, a Pakistani official said (see – AQ-European Cell). 

*** ABC News reported, on Saturday 10/02/2010, via the Blotter that there are very strong concerns that terrorist teams in Europe have selected their targets, completed surveillance, eluded capture and are ready to strike at airports,  hotels, tourist attractions and other soft targets.  According to ABC News sources, the terror plotters have moved through the surveillance stage, checked back in with al Qaeda in Pakistan, and have received the go-ahead to strike.

This has prompted the USA State Department to ready a highly unusual travel advisory for Europe that is expected to be released soon (see – Noman Benotman Assessment ).

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