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The IDF and Shin Bet confirmed, on Wednesday 11/03/2010, that they were responsible for the explosion that killed Army of Islam commander Muhammad Jamal al-Nimnim, 27. Arny of Islam held for about a year the Israeli kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, kidnapped on 06/22/2006, in Sabra neighborhood of Gaza City and, for few months in 2007, the British journalist Alan Johnston.


Muhammad Jamal al-Nimnim’s car exploded near a Hamas police station in the central of Gaza City. A woman was also wounded in the explosion.


Muhammad al-Nimnim was a senior field commander in the Army of Islam, and in charge on the personal security of Mumtaz Durmush, the head of the organization affiliated with Al Qaeda and the Jaljalat in Gaza Strip. He was involved in attacks against Israel targets and recently planned to carry out more attacks against Israeli and American targets through the Sinai Peninsula. Army of Islam members recently clashed with Hamas forces and used to bother Israel with Kassam Rockets on weekly bases challenging Hamas control on Gaza Strip (see also -Sabra 09.16.08).


According to a source in one of the Gaza organizations, Muhammad al-Nimnim was killed in a new Hyundai car which recently arrived in the Strip from Israel as part of the easing of the blockade. Israel has allowed dozens of vehicles to enter Gaza (similar methods of directing alleged “stolen cars” from Israel to terror leaders for their personal use, with small amount of explosive in the driver seat, were practiced in the past by Israel).


Gaza source said that the Hamas interior ministry had recently, indeed, called on Palestinian buying the new cars to have them checked thoroughly, “for fear that Israel has planted listening devices or even booby-trapped them.”


Palestinian sources said the explosion rocked the Ansar area, where many of the security headquarters are located, sending up a plume of thick black smoke. Emergency teams and Hamas security forces rushed to the scene.


Eyewitnesses said the car was travelling on the road parallel to the police headquarters when the explosion occurred. Despite the claims of an airstrike, other residents said the explosion occurred inside the vehicle.


Adham Abu Selmia, a spokesman for the Strip’s medical services, told Hamas journal al-Risala that the man killed in the incident was indeed Muhammad Jamal al-Nimnim, 27, a resident of the al-Shati refugee camp.


Israel halts its target killing campaign against Hamas operational leadership since OPERATION CAST LEAD, about two years ago. It is therefore most likely that there was a degree of cooperation and consent between USA, Egypt and Israel to carry out the operation without considering it as “breaking the rules”.  


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