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Khalid  Shaik Mohammed born in Kuwait 1965 ( or possibly in Baluchistan 1964). Uncle of Ramzi Yousef . Khalid Sheikh Mohammed joined the Moslim Brothers at the age of 16. In 1983 he arrived to USA to study engineering in Chowan University of North Carolina. In the middle of his studies Khalid  Sheikh Mohammed was encouraged by the CIA to join the fighting in Afganistan, where he renewed contact with his brothers Zahid, Abed and Aref and made contact with several muslim groups. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed returned to USA at the end of the ’80 to complete his course of studies. Some claim that due to harassment from students in the college to himself and others in the local mosque – Khalid Sheikh Mohammed developed deep animosity towards the western world.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed returned to Pakistan, worked in an electronics company and was active in several charities which supported “graduates” from Afganistan. In 1992 arrived in the Balkans and took part in the fighting in Bosnia. From Bosnia Khalid Sheikh Mohammed returned to Qatar to work in the Ministry of Water and Electricity while, under cover and during his free time, he was a high ranking terror activist. In the years 1994-1995 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed visited in Manila, Philippines, under the assumed name of Abdel Majid  – one of 24 assumed names he used throughout the years – while posing as secular, liberal and squandering wood merchant. According to evidence, while in the Philippines, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed conferred with Ramzi Yousef and Abdul Hakim Murad. Subsequently it was uncovered that they were working on the Bojinka Plot to abduct simultaneously 10 passenger airplanes in Asia, which stopped with the arrest of Abdul Hakim Murad .

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed got acquainted with Osama Bin Laden on his business trips to Sudan through Hassan al Turabi, leader of Sudan at that time, though they had some previous encounters in Afganistan.

In 01/1996 Khalid Sheikh Muhammed escaped Qatar once the USA started to pursue him. While Khalid Sheikh Mohammed escaped to Afghanistan he renewed his contacts. through a mutual acquaintance –  Rasul Sayyaf by meeting in Bora Bora first with Mohammed Atef , the military chief of operations of Al Qaeda , and later with Osama Bin Laden . During the meeting with Osama Bin Laden , which took place in mid 1996, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed introduced the Bojinka Plot to the two chief activists. After some looking into the Bojinka Plot it was adopted as a base to a layout of The 9/11 . Although Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was accepted by the Al Qaeda he continued to act independently until the double attack on American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania on 08/07/1998 . This incident convinced Khalid Sheikh Mohammed of the seriousness of Al Qaeda and he became a committed member and one of its’ chiefs.

In Afganistan, beginning of 1999, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed met Ramzi Binalshibh from Al Qaedas’ Hamburg Cell and since then started to work on The 9/11 attack on the “Twins”, New York, USA. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was the operator of Mohamed Atta while financing came mainly from Khalids’ cousin Ali Abdul Aziz Ali .

 According to intelligence sources Khalid Sheikh Mohammed coordinated the bomb strike of Richard Reid -the “Shoe Bomber” – on 12/22/2001 on flight 63 from Paris to Miami, USA. 

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was the commander of the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl in Karachi, Pakistan while working on a report about Al Qaeda . Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – according to his own statement – murdered Daniel Pearl with his own hands  on 01/23/2002.

The wife and daughter of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed were arrested together with Ramzi Binalshibh in Karachi, Pakistan, 09/11/2002.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was arrested with one of The 9/11 financier, Mustafa al-Hawsawi , on  03/01/2003 near Islamabad, Pakistan, probably through a sting operation when he was lured to a safe house belonging to the Pakistani military intelligence, who were patrons and financial supporters to Al Qaeda in the past.

Detention of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed  enabled the arrest of Yasser el-Gaziri on 03/15/2003 and of the Pakistani Uzair Paracha in New York. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed admitted to being in contact with Abu Esa al-Hindi who was detained in Britain, 08/04/2004.

* Thursday, 02/09/2006, the American president uncovered the information that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, through using Asian muslim terrorists from the “ INDONESIAN JI”, activated and financed by Hambali (his full name: Riduan Isamuddin ), intended to commit the  Library Tower Plot .

* Khalid  Sheikh Mohammed succeeded to deceive his interrogators in Guantanamo and to fabricate Al Qaedas’ plots intended against USA causing several times false general terror alerts.

* The trial of four suspects in plotting and assembling The 9/11:  Khalid Sheikh  Mohammed ; Tawfiq bin Attash ; Ali Abdul Aziz Ali and Mustafa al-Hawsawi  began on Thursday 06/05/2008 in the Special Military Tribunal in Guantanamo. (See – Gitmo 9/11 Trial

On Friday 11/13/2009, USA Attorney General Eric Holder announced his decision to abolish the military tribunal track and to pass his case to a federal civilian court in New York City, USA .   

 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed made, eventually, his first appearances before the Gitmo Tribunal at the USA base at Guantanamo, on Saturday 05/05/2012. 


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