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* Suleiman Abu Ghaith (Abu Raith) was born in 1965 (66) in Kuwait and became a local Imam (Islamic preacher or head of a Mosque).  After the IRAQI occupation of Kuwait, in 08/1990, Suleiman Abu Ghaith denounced, loudly, the occupation, the Baath’ secular IRAQI Regime and Saddam Hussein himself. He became known to the Kuwaiti people and led a local Islamic opposition, at first against Iraq but later against the al-Sabbah ruling family.  

When Kuwait was liberated, in 02/1991, Suleiman Abu Ghaith (Raith) turned his focus against the al-Sabbah ruling family in demand to suspend the 1962 constitution and implement Islamic law – Shariaa, in Kuwait. The Kuwaiti government subsequently removed him from the mosque, banned him from giving sermons and he became a high school teacher of religion.

In 06/2000 Suleiman Abu Ghaith left Kuwait to Afghanistan to join Al Qaeda. His capacity to appeal, successfully, to the younger generation made him a noticeable spokesman for Al Qaeda’s propaganda in Afghanistan. In 10/2001 Suleiman Abu Ghaith appeared on two widely circulated videos, first broadcast on Al-Jazeera T.V Network, to defend The 9/11 attacks and threaten reprisals for the subsequent possibility of USA invasion to Afghanistan. In response Suleiman Abu Ghaith was stripped of his Kuwaiti citizenship.  

After operation ‘Absolute Justice’ in Afghanistan Suleiman Abu Ghaith was the first to hand over, in 06/2002, audio and video footages to Al-Jazeera TV network to prove that Osama Bin Laden is alive and in command on Al Qaeda.

According to Intelligence sources, immediately after operation ‘Absolute Justice’ Suleiman Abu Ghaith with other senior Al Qaeda operatives: Saif al-Adel,  Saad Bin Laden, one of Osama Bin Laden’s sons, and others fled to Iran. In Iran Suleiman Abu Ghaith was, at first, hosted by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard but after Kuwaiti and international pressure to extradite him, Suleiman Abu Ghaith (Raith) and his associates were put in jail in 01/2004. He is, probably, one of about 150 Al Qaeda activists who fled Afghanistan and were arrested by the Iranian authorities and is, most likely, still kept today (09/2008) in Iranian jail (see – IRANS Interest ).  


** According to German unproved sources Saif Al-Adel was released, on 07/28/2006, providing that he will assist in terror activities against Israel. That claim was never proved or supported by any other intelligence.

** Another intelligence report from Kuwait cited in the Kuwaiti Al-Qabas newspaper reported, on Thursday 11/11/2010, that Suleiman Abu Ghaith was released from Iran and moved to Yemen to support the Yemeni branch of Al Qaeda – Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (see – al-Adels new job ). 


 Suleiman Abu Ghaith (Abu Raith) was captured, eventually, in a dramatic take-down by CIA officials in Jordan, in early 03/2013, and was scheduled to appear in USA Federal Court in Manhattan, New York, on Friday 03/08/2013. 

Turkish newspaper Hürriyet reported that Ghaith was passing through Jordan, on his way to Kuwait from Turkey when he was apprehended. The newspaper said that Ghaith was initially taken into custody more than a month ago at a luxury hotel in the Turkish capital Ankara.

Turkish officials decided he had not committed any crime in Turkey and released him the newspaper reported. A Turkish court reportedly ruled that Suleiman Abu Ghaith (Raith) entered the country illegally from Iran on a fake passport and was ordered to be deported.

* Suleiman Abu Ghaith was convicted, on Wednesday 03/27/2014, by a federal jury in Manhattan, New York, for his role as Al Qaeda’s chief spokesman,  which included conspiracy to kill Americans and providing Al Qaeda support, making him the highest-ranking Al Qaeda official brought to trial on USA soil since The 9/11 terrorist attack. He was sentenced, on 09/23/2014, to life imprisonment.


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