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The LOS  ANGELES MILLENNIUM plot was supposed to be carried out by Al Qaedas’  Montreal 99 cell in Canada on 2000 eve. The plot was a part of a broader international Millennium plot coordinated by no’ 4 in Al Qaeda Abu Zubaydah.

The Montreal 99 cell intended to hide bombs in the Jewish quarter of Montreal, Canada, In the Times Square in New York and in Los Angeles International airport in USA. The plot was foiled after Hussein Turi, arrested in Jordan on 12/12/1999, in connection with the JORDANIAN MILLENNIUM plot, revealed in his investigation the broader LOS  ANGELES MILLENNIUM plot. His investigation led to the arrest on 12/21/1999 of Ahmed Ressam, a member of the Montreal 99 cell, when he tried to enter USA by ferry from Victoria, British Colombia, Canada, with 70 kg explosives in his car that he wanted to explode in Los Angeles International airport.

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