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* Aden  Hashi Farah “Eyrow” was the leader of ‘Hizbul Shabab’ in Somalia, later known just as al-Shabab, the military wing of the Councils of Islamic Courts (CIC) and a close associate of Sheikh Dahir Aweys.

Aden  Hashi Farah had little formal education of any kind before joining, in the mid 90s’, one of the groups which later formed the Councils of Islamic Courts (CIC). Sheikh Dahir Aweys elected him to go to Afghanistan for further training and in order to establish connections with the Taliban and Al Qaeda. He returned to Somalia before 2001, probably in 2000, and became the leader of a militant group in Mogadishu which ran an Islamic court of its own there.

In 2003 Aden  Hashi Farah set up a network with other “Itihad al-Islamiya” veterans, associated with Sheikh Dahir Aweys in Mogadishu and central Somalia.  The network assassinated foreigners and opponents, culminating in the eventual deaths of four foreign aid workers and at least ten Somali former military and police officers.

In 07/2006 Aden  Hashi Farah led a group of about 700 volunteers, who wanted to join the Hizbullah in Lebanon in the Second Lebanese War during summer 2006 against Israel. Of those, only about 100 returned, eventually, to Mogadishu along with five members of Hizbullah. (The rest remained in Lebanon and assimilated into the Lebanese every day life).

When Aden  Hashi Farah returned to Somalia in 09/2006 he was appointed by Sheikh Dahir Aweys as the head of al-Shabab. He became the leader of the anti Ethiopian occupation, when Ethiopia invaded Somalia in the Ethiopian-Somali War in 12/2006, after the political leadership of the Councils of Islamic Courts (CIC) was captured or fled Somalia to Kenya and Eritrea.

Aden  Hashi Farah alongside several other militants, was killed in a USA airstrike in Southern Somalia, on 05/01/2008. He was replaced by Ahmed Godane


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