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Hussain  Osman, also known asHamdi Adus Issac, was born in Ethiopia in 1978. Hussain  Osman arrived to UK in 1996 using forged documents as a Somali born Hamdi Adus Issac because it was much easier to get political asylum as a Somali.  He is married to Yeshshiemebet Girma (see – London’s 11-suspects), a father of three and became, therefore, a British citizen. Hussain  Osman did not attend regularly in any Mosque.

At noon 07/21/2005 Hussain  Osman tried to trigger a home made bomb, that failed, in Shepherds’ Bush station. Hussain  Osman fled London on 07/26/2005 legally with the Euro-Star train to Paris, France. From Paris Hussain  Osman took the fast train to Rome, Italy, to his brother who lives there. He probably took advantage of his two identities to confuse the Police. Hussain  Osman was arrested in Italy with his brother Azad Hussain on 07/29/2005 and was extradited to UK on 09/22/2005. He was tracked down due to his cell phone conversations with his brother Azad Hussain in Rome.

During the initial investigation in Rome, Hussain  Osman said he was motivated to participate in the attacks after viewing videos of war-torn Iraq : “ Muktar ( Muktar Said Ibrahim ) showed us some DVDs with images of the war in Iraq, especially women and children killed by American and British soldiers”.   Hussain  Osman insisted in this investigation that the London 7/21 offenders acted alone, “We have no link with the Pakistanis”( Pakistanis refers to the London 7/7 attack) – he said.

Hussain  Osman s’ trial, with other 5 defendants for committing the London 7/21 attack began in London on 01/15/2007. On 07/11/2007 Hussain  Osman was sentenced in London to life imprisonment.



Because Hussain  Osman s resemblance to Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian who lived in the same neighborhood in London near Stockwell tube station the British police, by mistake, shot to death the innocent Brazilian.
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