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Manfo  Kwaku Asiedu was born in 1973. He came to Britain in the autumn of 2003 from Ghana on a passport in the name of George Nanak Marquaye.  The prosecution said his real name might be Sumaila Abubakari but his nationality is unclear. Manfo  Kwaku Asiedu had a permanent address  in Finsbury Park, North London.

Manfo  Kwaku Asiedu was photographed by surveillance officers, alongside Muktar Said Ibrahim and   three of their co-defendants on the London 7/21 attack, on a camping trip in the Lake District in May 2004. Although Manfo  Kwaku Asiedu did not attend regularly in any Mosque he was in the social circle of the London 7/21 plotters. (see – U.K terror camp)

Manfo  Kwaku Asiedu was the fifth would be suicide bomber in the London 7/21 attack. On the day of the attack he was intended to get to subway station in Hackney Road but he got “cold feet”, changed his mind and abandoned his rucksack with the bomb in Little Wormwood Scrubs Park in North West London. Manfo  Kwaku Asiedu contacted the police voluntarily and enabled, on 07/29/2005, the fast arrest of himself and Wahabi Mohamed in an apartment in London & the arrest of Muktar Said Ibrahim and  Ramzi Mohamed at the same time elsewhere in London.     

Manfo  Kwaku Asiedu s’ trial, with other 5 defendants for committing the London 7/21 attack began in London on 01/15/2007. 

On 07/09/2007 the jury failed to reach a verdict in Manfo  Kwaku Asiedu case. On 11/20/2007 Manfo  Kwaku Asiedu was, eventualy, sentenced to 33 years in jail.

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