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Muktar  Said Ibrahim, a Muslim, was born in 1977 Eritrea. At that time Eritrea was a part of Ethiopia and fought a bitter struggle for independence from the Christian Ethiopia.

In 1990 Muktar  Said Ibrahim arrived with his family to UK as a political asylum seeker. He went to school in Edgware, North London.  Muktar  Said Ibrahim was granted residency in 1992 and got a British passport in 2004 although he was not, formally, citizen of UK. In the last years Muktar  Said Ibrahim was living in Stoke Newington, London.

Muktar  Said Ibrahim regularly attended the Finsbury Park Mosque where the radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri was preaching, and eventually  became more radical.

Muktar  Said Ibrahim was photographed by surveillance officers, alongside four of his five co-defendants on the London 7/21 attack, at a camping trip in the lake District in May 2004. (see – U.K terror camp )

A few months later, in 10/2004,, Muktar  Said Ibrahim was arrested, with Mohammed Hamid, outside Debenhams on Oxford Street in London for distributing “Islamic literature”. In December 2004, Muktar  Said Ibrahim was questioned by Special Branch officers at London’s Heathrow airport before he traveled to Islamabad, Pakistan. The voyage was facilitated by Mohammed al-Ghabra.  Muktar  Said Ibrahim caused worries, no doubt, to the British Security Service MI5 more than a year before the London 7/21 attack.

On London 7/21 attack a bomb went off, partially, in his rucksack on bus no’ 26 near Oval Station in South London at about 12:35.  Muktar  Said Ibrahim managed to escape despite his wounds. He was arrested with Ramzi Mohamed in an apartment in London on 07/29/2005, a week after the London 7/21 attack. In his investigation Muktar  Said Ibrahim boasted that he recruited Hussain Osman, the bomber of Shepherds’ Bush, and convinced him to join the attack “because of the war in Iraq”. 

Muktar  Said Ibrahim s’ trial, with other 5 defendants of committing the London 7/21 attack began in London on 01/15/2007. On 07/11/2007 Muktar  Said Ibrahim  was sentenced in London to life imprisonment.


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