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Adel  Yahya, a Muslim, born in Ethiopia in 1982. Its presumed he lived in Yemen before he came to the UK. Adel  Yahya arrived to UK as a student, probably in early 2001.

After arriving to Britain, Adel  Yahya eventually became a student at City and Islington College before moving to Tottenham, North London, on 2003 to continue his studies in Metropolitan University. Adel  Yahya attended also regularly in Finsbury Park Mosque and was a follower of the radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri.

In May 2004 Adel  Yahya was photographed by surveillance officers at a camping trip in the Lake District, alongside Muktar Said Ibrahim and other three of his five co-defendants on the London 7/21 attack. (see – U.K terror camp )

Adel  Yahya left the country in June 2005, six weeks before the alleged bombing attempts, but, according to the London 7/21 attack investigation, he was a key part of the conspiracy, having been involved in the purchase of ingredients for the bombs. Adel  Yahya was arrested in Gatwick airport on 12/19/2005 when he returned from Ethiopia and was charged of conspiring with the five others to cause explosions on the 07/21/2005.

Adel  Yahya was charged with conspiring to cause the London 7/21 attack. Adel  Yahya s’ trial, with other 5 defendants for committing the London 7/21 attack began in London on 01/15/2007.  On 07/09/2007 the jury failed to reach a verdict in Adel  Yahya case.  Subsequently, Adel  Yahya chose to plead guilty to the lesser charge of collecting information useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism and was jailed for six years and nine months.

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