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Ramzi  Mohamed was born in 1982 and lived in North Kensington, London. Ramzi  Mohamed was active in the local Muslim community and worked as a bus driver.

Ramzi  Mohamed had tried to be the Imam (spiritual guide) at a Muslim Cultural center in North Kensington but was refused over religious disagreements. With his brother Whabi Mohamed,  Ramzi  Mohamed used to set up a stall with Islamic literature at local football games.

Ramzi  Mohamed was in good friendly relation with Muktar Said Ibrahim and was photographed by surveillance officers, with Muktar Said Ibrahim alongside three of his five co-defendants on the London 7/21 attack, at a camping trip in the Lake District in May 2004. That trip, probably, consolidated the group as a terror cell. (see – U.K terror camp )

At noon 07/21/2005 Ramzi  Mohamed tried to trigger a home made bomb that failed in Hackney Road, London. He was arrested with Muktar Said Ibrahim in an apartment in London on 07/29/2005, a week after the London 7/21 attack. His brother Whabi Mohamed was arrested at the same time in another apartment in London.

Ramzi  Mohamed s’ trial, with other 5 defendants for committing the London 7/21 attack began in London on 01/15/2007. 

On 07/11/2007 Ramzi  Mohamed  was sentenced in London to life imprisonment.

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