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After a long surveillance operation conducted by the British security service MI5 the British police raided on 09/01/2006 evening Mehdi Belyani’s restaurant in Borough area, South London and arrested 12 suspects under the 2006 terror act. Two people were held elsewhere in the city. The detainees, British Muslims, were suspected of recruiting or encouraging others to take part in terrorist activities.  The arrests followed an operation that took place 08/23/2006, when one man was held and a house in Elmfield Street in Cheetham Hill was searched.

The UK police also searched an Islamic school near Tunbridge Wells and a Jamaa Islamiya property, on Catt’s Hill near Crowborough, East Sussex, that was set up in 2003 as an Islamic teaching facility for boys aged between 11 and 16. This school was visited several times by the Radical Islamic preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri  from Finsbury Park Mosque accompanied by his spokesman  Atilla Ahmet, also known as Abu Abdullah, who was one of the detainees.

The trial of six of the suspects was opened in Woolwich. South London on 10/09/2007 under the 2006 terror act although they committed the alleged offences in 2004-5. The six are:  


* Atilla Ahmet, also known as Abu Abdullah, from Turkish descent born in Cyprus in 1964, of Lewisham, south east London. Atilla Ahmet pleaded guilty, right in the opening of the trial, to soliciting murder in connection with an alleged plot to organize terrorist training camps across Britain. The other defendants denied all the charges against them.   


* Mohammed  Hamid, 50, from Tanzanian descent, of Clapton, east London, considered as the ring leader of the group and the prime suspect. He was charged with providing weapons and terrorist training, soliciting murder, and one charge of possessing terrorist documents Mohammed  Hamid was filmed by a surveillance team at a camping trip in the Lake District in on May 2004 with 4 of the London 7/21 perpetrators Muktar Said Ibrahim, Adel Yahya, Ramzi Mohamed and Manfo Kwaku Asiedu. Mohammed  Hamid also was arrested at a stall in London’s Oxford Street in 10/2004 alongside Muktar Said Ibrahim 

He gathered in his home meetings, with Atilla Ahmet, where aggressive unlawful violence in behalf of Islam was promoted. He was with constant phone contact with the would be suicide bombers of the London 7/21 attack. Mohammed  Hamid’s home was bugged by police from September 2005. He is described by the prosecution as the recruiter, groomer and corrupter of young Muslims.


* Mousa Brown, 41, of Walthamstow, east London. was accused of providing and receiving weapons training.

*  Kibley da Costa, 24, of West Norwood, south east London, was charged under the Terrorism Act 2006 with providing terrorist training and with attending terrorist training camps.

* Mohammed al-Figari, 42, of Tottenham, north London, charged with attending terrorist training camps.

* Kader Ahmed, 20, of Plaistow, east London, accused of attending terrorist training camps.




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