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Khader abu Hoshar, a Jordanian citizen from Palestinian descent, was born in Jordan in 1965.

In the late 80s’ Khader abu Hoshar went to Afghanistan and joined the Mujahidin (Holly Warriors) in the war against the Russian. He returned to Jordan after the war in Afghanistan ended in 1989 and joined a radical Islamic group. Khader abu Hoshar was arrested in Jordan for a short time in the early 90s’. When he was released in 1993 – Khader abu Hoshar went to Yemen. In Yemen Khader abu Hoshar established a link with the PALESTINIAN Islamic Jihad.  In 1996, while visiting in Jordan he met in the circle of Afghanistan veterans, Raed Hijazi.

In 1997 Khader abu Hoshar returned to Jordan, was rearrested and imprisoned for 18 months. He was released in 1998.

Khader abu Hoshar became an Islamic militant and associated himself in the mid 90s’ with Abu Musab al Zarqawi. As Abu Musab al Zarqawi was arrested in 1995 and fled Jordan in 1999, Khader abu Hoshar became the acting leader of the group in Jordan and gathered around himself a terror cell in late 1998. 

In the beginning of 1999 Khader abu Hoshar established connection with Abu Zubaydah, a senior operative of Al Qaeda, through a common acquintance, Khalil Deek.  Khader abu Hoshar arranged military training, especially in explosive devices, in Afghanistan for Raed Hijazi, his associate in the JORDANIAN MILLENNIUM plot, and three other Islamic activists.  

Khader abu Hoshar was arrested on 12/12/1999 and charged for planning the JORDANIAN MILLENNIUM attack. He was sentenced to death on 05/30/2000.

On 06/11/2007 a Jordanian court of appeal reduced his sentence, as well as the sentence of other three suspects that were sentenced to death, Khalid al-Mughames, Raed Hijazi and Osama Samar, to 20 years in jail after they confessed and expressed regret. 


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