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Khalil Said al-Deek was born in 1957 in the Palestinian West Bank, at that time a part of Jordan.  He came to USA, probably in the early 80s’, in order to study computer science and became an American citizen through marriage. He lived in Los Angeles, California. used the alias Joseph Adams and was for few years the neighbor of Hisham Diab.

 Khalil  Deek worked as a computer engineer and a staff member in an organization “ without Borders”. It is assumed that in 1997 he met through his activity in the Organization Adam Yahiye Gadahn. The was uncovered, in the investigations after The 9/11, to be an Al Qaeda organization used to funnel money overseas.

In 1998 Khalil  Deek, carrying a USA passport, moved to Peshawar, Pakistan where he established relations with Abu Zubaydah and even set up with him an Import/Export company. They sent a portion of the profits to Osama Bin Laden, whom he met several times. Khalil  Deek also served as the liaison officer between Abu Zubaydah, Al Qaeda, Khader Abu Hoshar and the JORDANIAN MILLENNIUM cell. He arranged, following a request of Khader Abu Hoshar, military training, especially in explosive devices, for Raed Hijazi, Nabil al-Marabh and other two militants.   

Khalil  Deek was arrested in Peshawar, Pakistan on 12/17/1999 and was extradited to Jordan few days later. He was kept in secrecy for 17 months and was released back to Pakistan without any charges in 05/2001. After his release Khalil  Deek tried to return with his family to USA but was refused by the USA embassy in Islamabad. 

Khalil  Deek was reportedly killed, mysteriously, in Peshawar, Pakistan in 04/ 2005 where he lived with his wife who was expecting their fifth child.


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