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On 09/26/2005, 17 from 24 defendants in the Spanish Al-Qaeda Trial, which was opened in Madrid on 04/21/2005, were convicted for forming an Al Qaeda network in Spain. They were sentenced for time in jail between 6 to 11 years. The 18th convict, Imad Yarkas, the leader of the network was sentenced for 27 years imprisonment.

A. Sentenced for 7 years imprisonment;


* Luis Jose Galan Gonzales, a former Spanish ETA supporter, who converted to Islam in the early 90s’, known also as Yusuf  Galan. From 1996 Yusuf  Galan was associated to the cultural Ibn-Taymiyya Islamic center in Madrid, which supported through deferent means the Palestinian uprising – Intifada against Israeli “occupation”. He traveled to Indonesia for training in Al Qaeda affiliated camp in 07/2001. Yusuf  Galan was arrested in 11/2001 as a member of Al Qaeda network in Spain led by Imad Yarkas. He shared his apartment in Madrid with Hajib Chaib Mohammed and the Algerian Atmane Resali (31).  When police arrested Yusuf  Galan on 11/17/2001 they also seized a .22 pistol, a .22 rifle, a shotgun and a bulletproof vest from his Madrid home. Yusuf  Galan had unclear connection with the Iraqi embassy in Madrid from the late 90s’ – probably due to his social activity in the Ibn-Taymiyya Islamic center in Madrid.    

B. Sentenced for 6 years imprisonment;  


* Kamal  Hadid Chaar, alias Abu Nour, a Spanish citizen, who was born in Aleppo, Syria in 1979. Kamal  Hadid Chaar, suspected of being linked to the Muslims Brotherhood in Syria, was arrested on 07/18/2002 in Madrid on suspicion of being a member in Al Qaeda network in Spain, led by Imad Yarkas. Kamal  Hadid Chaar, with Abdulrahman Alarnaot, where in contact, on behalf of Al Qaeda network in Spain, with Mustafa Setmarian a key al Qaeda operative who ran a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan. Kamal  Hadid Chaar is, allegedly, linked to fund-raising operations affiliated to Al Qaeda. On 10/01/2002 Kamal  Hadid Chaar was released on bail of 60.000 EURO until the Spanish Al-Qaeda trial verdict on 09/26/2005. The release was explained by fact that the charges against him refer to the years 1995-6.    


* Jamal  Hussein is from Syrian descent and the brother of Hassan al-Hussein. He was arrested on 09/19/2003 due to his connection with Tayssir Allouni, who was arrested a few days earlier, on 09/04/2003. Jamal  Hussein suffers from health problems and was released on bail, but on 09/17/2005, days before the Spanish Al-Qaeda trial verdict, Jamal  Hussein was rearrested on the grounds that he might flee.



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