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* Mohammad Abdul  Malik Abduljabar was born in Kenya in 1972 and is a Kenyan citizen. He was born in the Western town of Kisumu but was raised by his single mother in Mombasa, where he got his early schooling. Abdul  Malik, a five-foot tall, well-built man, is described by his family as very humble and very religious.  Sometime in the late 90s’ Abdul  Malik moved to Somalia and became an activist in a local Islamic group – “Itihad al-Islamiya” (Islamic Union) led by Sheikh Dahir Aweys.

On 11/20/2002 Abdul  Malik, with Saleh Ali Nabhan and Issa Osman Issa, smuggled across the border from Somalia to Kenya with a small boat, bought by Omar Said Omar. They left from a fishing village along the Eastern coast of Somalia, between Kismoayo port and Ras Kaambooni, near the Kenya border. The group was equipped with 2 SAM-7 “Sterla” missiles and located itself near Mombasa International Airport. On the day of the Mombasa Paradise Attack, on 11/28/2002, Abdul  Malik served as the escape driver while Saleh Ali Nabhan and Issa Osman Issa were the missiles launchers. After the attack Abdul  Malik with his associates fled with a boat back to Somalia.

Abdul Malik was arrested in Kenya in 01/2007 in a foreign exchange bureau in the city of Mombasa for illegally entering the country from Somalia, probably when he fled the Ethiopian forces taking over Somalia in 12/2006. Abdul  Malik was held incommunicado for several weeks and was interrogated about alleged criminal activities. He was handed over to USA on 03/14/2007. Abdul  Malik confessed to participating in the Mombasa Paradise attack on 11/28/2002 (see also – Ethiopian-Somali War ).

On 05/25/2007 Abdul  Malik was transferred to Guantanamo, where he is held today (10/2007).


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