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* Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan was born in Mombasa, Kenya on 04/04/1979.  He got married to Fatuma and lived in a relative high standard of living. Saleh Ali Nabhan was the ringleader of Al Qaeda cell in Mombasa under the supervision of Fazul Abdullah Mohammed. According to USA intelligence Saleh Ali  Nabhan handled direct communication with Osama Bin Laden already prior to the 08/07/1998 attack on USA embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. It is not clear what diverted Saleh Ali  Nabhan toward Islamic militancy and Al Qaeda.

Few days before the Mombasa Paradise Attack Saleh Ali  Nabhan, with a second man believed to be Abu Talha al-SUDANI, rented a flat in Mombasa, which was used to manufacture some of the explosives used in the attack.

On the day of the Mombasa Paradise Attack, on 11/28/2002, Saleh Ali  Nabhan launched one of the missiles toward an Israeli “Arkia” airliner when taking off from Mombasa International Airport. After the attack Saleh Ali  Nabhan fled with his wife to Lamu, 120km north of Mombasa, where Fatuma Nabhan’s parents live. Lamu is not far from the Somali border and Saleh Ali  Nabhan was used to live mainly in Somalia to avoid arrest but to cross the border to Kenya often. 

On 02/24/2006 Saleh Ali Nabhan became officially wanted by the USA authority and the FBI for his alleged involvement in the 08/07/1998 attack.

On Monday 09/14/2009, US Special Forces have staged a helicopter raid on militants in Somalia, killing at least two militants, including Saleh Ali  Nabhan (see – Barawe Raid ).

His brother Mohammed ali Nabhan was charged in the Mombasa Trial for assisting the Mombasa Paradise attack but was acquitted on 07/28/2005 from all charges.




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