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On 06/23/2003 the Kenyan authority officially accused a group of 8 suspects of assisting the Mombasa Paradise attack on 11/28/2002.  The prominent figures were Mohammed Kubwa Mohammed and Omar Said Omar. The Mombasa trial began on 07/01/2004. All the defendants were, eventually, acquitted from all charges in summer 2005


* Kubwa Mohammed Seif was born in the mid 60s’ in Lamu. He is the son of Mohammed Kubwa Mohammed, the head of the group. Kubwa Mohammed Seif is an elected council member of his home town Lamu municipal council. He was arrested on 02/26/2003. Kubwa Mohammed Seif was acquitted on 07/28/2005 from all charges .



* Aboud Rogo Mohammed is a Muslim cleric in Mombasa since 1997. Aboud Rogo Mohammed introduced Mohammed Kubwa Mohammed to Fazul Abdullah Mohammed and two others, who were later indicted by a U.S. court for the 08/07/1998 attack on the U.S. Embassy building in Nairobi. Aboud Rogo Mohammed was released on bail after his arrest in spring 2003 and acquitted, on 06/29/2005, from all charges.



* Said Saggar Ahmed was born in the early 40s’. He is an Islamic preacher and a teacher in a ‘Madrassa’ (Islamic school) who has been running a school for Muslim girls in Mombasa throughout most of his life. Said Saggar Ahmed was released on bail after his arrest in spring 2003 and acquitted on 07/28/2005 from all charges.



* Mohammed ali Nabhan, a Mombasa native, is the younger brother of Saleh Ali Nabhan. Mohammed ali Nabhan was in phone connection with his brother 3 times after the Mombasa Paradise attack but there was no other evidence to link him directly to the charges.  Mohammed Ali Nabhan was acquitted on 07/28/2005 from all accusations.



* Salmin Mohammed Khamis, born in 1980, an employee of a hardware store in Mombasa,  and his brother  Ahmed Mohammed Khamis, Kenyans from Arab origin, both wanted by USA for being involved in the 08/07/1998 attack on the on the U.S. Embassy building in Nairobi. They were arrested on 06/17/2003 for suspicions related to the Mombasa Paradise attack.  Salmin Mohammed Khamis and Ahmed Mohammed Khamis were acquitted on 06/27/2005 from all charges. The Kenyan Prosecutor already dropped all the charges related to the 09/07/1998 attack against the two brothers a month earlier in 05/2005.

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