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* Salim Hemed alias Issa Tanzania has a citizenship of either Yemen or Tanzania.

In the lineup of the Mombasa Paradise attack Salim Hemed operated with Tariq Abdullah  from Mogadishu to coordinate the attack and escaped after the attack with the local islamic group – “Itihad al-Islamiya” (Islamic Union).

After the Mombasa Paradise attack on 11/28/2002 Salim Hemed had faked deafness and managed to get himself a job as a driver with the UN office in Mogadishu.

Salim Hemed – Issa  Tanzania was arrested on 03/18/2003 at Global Hotel in Northern Mogadishu, Somalia. He was handed over to USA authority. Salim Hemed was held in, at least, two secret U.S. detention facilities in Afghanistan during 2004. Updated to 07/2007 his whereabouts remain unknown. 


* Tariq Abdullah alias Abu Talha Al-SUDANI is a Sudanese citizen, married to a Somali wife, and lives in Somalia since 1993. He was a close associate of Gouled H. Dourad, the leader of the Somali network that supported and was affiliated to Al Qaeda.

In the period of time prior to the 08/07/1998 attack on the USA embassies in Kenya and Tanzania Tariq Abdullah used to travel several times from Somalia to the United Arab Emirates UAE, according to intelligence sources, in order to coordinate the financing of the attack.   

Few days before the Mombasa Paradise Attack Abu Talha Al-SUDANI with Saleh Ali Nabhan, rented a flat in Mombasa which was used to manufacture some of the explosives used in the attack. Tariq Abdullah returned to Somalia to coordinate the attack with Salim Hemed.   

In 12/2006, Abu Talha Al-SUDANI was reported to have led a group ofCouncil of Islamic Courts” (CIC) fighters in Idale, Central Somalia, as part of the Ethiopian – Somali War. A month later, on 01/07/2007, he was the target of a USA air strike that killed 70 civilian nomadic tribesmen, but left him unharmed.

Today (10/2007) Tariq Abdullah – Abu Talha Al-SUDANI is a fugitive, probably in Somalia and his location or deeds are unknown.

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