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January 2006 was a very successful month for USA policy in the Middle East and elsewhere.  On 01/15/2006 nation wide fair election, under international supervision, took place in Iraq, in what seemed a new dawn of democracy to the Middle East. Just 10 days later, on 01/25/2006, the most possible fair elections, under a most strict international management, were implemented in the Palestinian Authority. For a brief moment it seemed that US did the impossible and really assimilated the concept of democracy in the Middle East.

In both countries the real winners were Islamic leaderships acting behind the scene: the Shiite clergy in Iraq and the Hamas in Palestine, which used American imported democracy to legitimize and pave their way to political power and domination over their societies.  Since January 2006 both authorities plunged to internal disintegration and increasing violence, sectarian bloodshed in Iraq, ideological bloodshed in the Palestinian teritories between Fatah and Hamas. In both places the official leadership, whether it is Iraqi PM Nuri al Maliki or Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, assume only virtual power and only thanks to foreign military might of USA in Iraq and Israel in the Palestinian Authority. The patronizing policy of forcing artificial democracy bankrupted totally. The Middle East is today a much more dangerous, unstable place where foreign intervention of Iran or Turkey can lead to an unexpected war any moment just as the summer 2006 war between Hizbullah in Lebanon and Israel.  

The US policy to contain the possible Iranian nuclear threat by isolating Iran politically and economically collapsed totally.  In his visit in Iran on 10/16/2007 Russian President Vladimir Putin offered economical cooperation with Iran and is planning to gain from large scale weapon and commercial contracts with Iran on one hand and from the increasing of oil’s prices, due to the ongoing crisis in Iran and Iraq, sold to Europe from Russia on the other hand.

No doubt that US is showing signs of panic. President George Bush has escalated his rhetoric about Iran saying on 10/17/2007 that the very knowledge of how to make nuclear weapons “could trigger a Third World War”. Israeli PM Ehud Olmert is rushing today, 10/18/2007, to Moscow for a two hours unplanned meeting with Vladimir Putin less then 24 hours after Putin returned from his visit in Iran. The purpose of the visit is, probably, to learn more about the Iranian nuclear capacity and the Russian attitude on that subject and, maybe, also to mediate between Condoleezza Rice and Vladimir Putin after her disastrous visit in Russia last week.

US foreign policy is in total collapse. US needs to change the course of its foreign relations from lecturing, patronizing and shaping other nations life to cooperation. Democracy should and can prevail only if it emerges from within by free choice not if it is imposed from the outside. (see also – VERTIGO)

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