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Lucas  Height is a nuclear reactor near Sydney, Australia. Lucas  Height compound was in the focus of Islamic terror cells in Australia three times since 2000.

* In a joint common surveillance operation of Australia and New Zealand authorities after an illegal immigration gang, mainly from Pakistan, the police found, in late 1999, in the house of one of the suspects a sketch of the nuclear Lucas  Height reactor near Sydney and of other facilities related to the Sydney Olympic Games scheduled to 08/2000.

According to the investigation the gang was monitoring for some time the Lucas  Height area and activity in order to carry on a spectacular terror attack in correspondence with the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Eventually no one was charged of actually plotting an attack on Lucas  Height reactor in 2000.  

* Lucas Height was a subject to another Islamic terror cell which operated in Sydney and Melbourne under the leadership of the Muslim cleric Abdul Nasser Benbrika in the years 2004-5. 17 members of the cell were arrested in Sydney and Melbourne on 11/08/2005. Although the AUSTRALIAN Terror Network was much more organized with serious intention to carry out terror attacks in Australia, including suicide attacks, there was no proof that other then visiting Lucas  Height area they also intended to attack the location.   

* On 01/05/2007 the police arrested Taha Abdul Rahman in a Sydney suburb. He was suspected that he stored 5 rocket launchers, out of 7 stolen from the Australian military in 2006, in order to use them against “potentially catastrophic attack”, with reports suggesting the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Lucas  Height nuclear reactor were targeted.

The two other missing rocket launchers were given to another man.

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