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* In the weeks prior to Imad Mughniyah killing, on 02/12/2008 night, Damascus issued several warnings to its senior officials in Lebanon and Syria about intensive activity of the Israeli Mossad in Syria. Gen’ Hassan Turkemany, the SYRIAN Army chief of staff, told his senior officers just a week before the assassination – “The Mossad has been able to penetrate the officer elite with gifts of satellite telephones linked to Israeli spy satellites”. (see – Mughniyah’s Death )

* Two days after the assassination The Syrian security service arrested 11 Palestinians, some of them intelligence and security officials in the Hamas and PALESTINIAN Islamic Jihad – PIJ.

* According to an initial Hizbullah report, part of it leaked to the web on 02/23/2008, which is based on IRANIAN and SYRIAN investigation, Imad Mugniyah was exposed to Israeli Mossad through his connections with Palestinian operational leadership, located in Damascus, while preparing a mega terror attack in Israel. The Palestinian organizations are, in large extent, transparent to Israeli intelligence for many years. 

* Imad Mugniyah introduced himself as an IRANIAN intelligence officer named Hadj Radouan. He moved without any protection and based his own security on total anonymity. It was only after a long surveillance operation of Mossad agents that Israel was able to identify the anonymous Hadj Radouan as the notorious Imad Mugniyah.

Summary ; 

* The Hizbullah report clear Lebanon’s adversaries form being, somehow, responsible for Imad Mugniyah’s assassination and will ease the tension in Lebanon.

* The report also mentioned that there is not a security breach within the Hizbullah ranks and the SYRIAN security and intelligence apparatus.    

* The investigation specifically determines the Palestinian organizations in Lebanon and Syria as unreliable and deeply penetrated by Israeli Intelligence.

* The report clearly implicates Syria as hosting, backing and enabling terror activity in Damascus.

* In his funeral oration, on 02/14/2008, Hassan Nasserallah blamed Israel of, what he described, “open war” in which Israel extended its operations against Hizbullah from Lebanese soil to the international arena outside Lebanon. Hizbullah, in his own report, contradicts Hassan Nasserallah’s speech and confirms that even before Imad Mugniyah’s assassination, organizing terror operations against Israel was not limited to Lebanon soil but was internationally conducted on the soil and with the help of Iran, Syria and the Palestinians, some of them operating in the Palestinian Authority. 

* Hassan Nasserallah, in his speech, also promised mega revenge against Israel for Imad Mugniyah’s assassination. The Hizbullah’s own report emphasizes that Imad Mughniyah was already organizing a super terror attack against Israel, while still alive, and the supposed revenge is nothing but an excuse. (See – MUGHNIYAH AFTERMATH )


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