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Saad bin Laden, one of the 15 sons of Osama Bin Laden, was born in 1979 in Saudi Arabia. He accompanied his father during the fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the mid 1980s, then to Sudan in 1991, and back to Afghanistan in 1996 at the invitation of the Taliban. Therefore he never received formal education.

According to Intelligence sources, immediately after operation ‘Absolute Justice’ , in 12/2001, Saad bin Laden, with other senior Al Qaeda operatives:, Saif al-Adel, Suleiman abu Ghaith, Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, Rajab abu-Khayr and over 100 others fled to Iran. In Iran Saad bin Laden was, at first, hosted by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

According to intelligence sources Saad bin Laden, while under Iranian protection, orchestrated the Jerba Attack, on 04/11/2002 noon, in Tunisia. Saad bin Laden was implicated in the Riyadh Suicide Attacks, on 05/12/2003 and the Casablanca Bombings  in  Morocco four days later. After international pressure to extradite him, Saad bin Laden and his associates were put in jail, in 01/2004, in Iran.  

According to the Germen intelligence the Al Qaeda operatives were released from the Iranian jail, on 07/28/2006, providing that they will assist in terror activities against Israel. That claim was never proved or supported by any other intelligence.

According to intelligence officials in USA, on Thursday 07/23/2009, Saad bin Laden left Iran in 11/2008 and found refuge in Pakistan’s tribal area – FATA. He was, most likely, killed in early 2009, unintentionally, in a USA UAV drone attack. Pakistani officials dismissed the report.

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