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There is a clear definition between guerilla and terror and between a guerilla fighter and a terrorist. Guerilla is a low intensive warfare of small units using tactics of hit and run and targets objectives of the enemy military, police or institutions and facilities related to the functioning of the enemy.  Terror is a method of spreading fear and panic among innocent civilian population of the enemy by intentionally and deliberately targeting specifically and uniquely civilians who happened to be randomly in the scene of the attack. The targets of terror are selected to result the maximum civilian casualties.

On 04/22/1979, while not yet 17, Samir Quntar, a Druz from Lebanon with no national or religious connections to the Palestinian cause, who referred to himself as a secular atheist, participated in an operation of a Palestinian Socialist organization – the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – PFLP when the Hizbullah did not exist yet as an organization. The plan was to land on the coastal town in North Israel – Nahariya, 10 km South of the Lebanese border with Israel, to take over a residential apartment building and to kill as many as possible civilians.

After landing on Nahariya shore, on their way to the nearest apartment building, the attackers were spotted, completely by chance, by an occasional police patrol. When the police called upon the suspect perpetrators to hold and identified themselves they opened fire and killed the two policemen, afterward  the intruders run to the nearest house and in an attempt to take over the building they killed an Israeli and his 4 years daughter. Samir Quntar personally shot dead Dani Haran from 2 meters and then crushed the head of his 4 years daughter Ainat with the handle of his gun.

Some of the civilians, alerted by the initial shootout with the police, managed to lock the doors, to flee or, in one case, to return fire with a licensed revolver, which was enough to disrupt the original plan of the terrorists until the first police and army units arrived to the scene. Samir Quntar was caught and sentenced four times to life imprisonment.

On Wednesday 07/16/2008 Samir Quntar, by all definition nothing but a bloody terrorist, was released, along with 5 other Hizbullah guerilla fighters, and sent back to Lebanon as part of a prisoner swap between Israel and Hizbullah.

The BBC, in full accordance with his blunt anti-Israeli editorial policy, never described Samir Kuntar as what he really was – a bloody terrorist. “Qantar had been in jail since 1979 for a deadly guerrilla raid in which he killed a four-year-old girl, her father and a policeman” the BBC reported.

According to the BBC when it comes to deliberately slaughtering Israeli civilians it is still a guerilla attack not terror. Samit Quntar was no different than the London 7/7 perpetrators or The 9/11 hijackers he was nothing but a bloody terrorist despite the BBC. 

* Samir Quntar was injured and another Hizbullah officer was killed as a bomb exploded, on Friday 07/29/2011, in the fortified Hizbullah stronghold in South Beirut.   


*** In the later stages of the Syrian civil war, in 2013, Samir Quntar was appointed as a liaison officer to the Druze community in the Golan Heights.  He initiated several attacks on Israeli patrols on the common Israeli-Syrian border by Druze activists – 4 of them were killed. on 04/26/2015 night, while trying to plant mines against Israeli patrols in the Northern part of the border. 

It is assumed that an Israeli UAV airstrike, on Wednesday 07/29/2015,  which killed 2   members of Syria’s National Defence Forces, , at the entrance of Hader,  a Druze village, in Quneitra province,  was actually an attempt to kill Samir Quntar.  

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