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An Uighur Islamic separatist group in China – the East Turkistan Islamic Party [ ETIP] has taken credit for a deadly bus bombing in Shanghai in May and warned of new attacks in China during the Olympics, as a group monitoring threats by extremists on the internet has revealed on Tuesday 08/07/2008.

In a video statement posted in the web, probably on 07/23/2008, Commander Seyfullah of the East Turkistan Islamic Party [ETIP] claimed credit for several attacks.


1. – The Shanghai bus bombing, from 05/05/2008, which killed three and wounded 12 others. The organization also claimed responsibility on another Shanghai attack at the same day with no casualties.

2. -The Wenzhou police attack, from 07/17/2008, in which an explosive-laden tractor was used. The attack ended without casualties.

3. – The Guangzhou plastic factory attack, also from 07/17/2008, which caused no casualties.

4. – The Yunnan bus bombings, from 07/21/2008, in which small bombs exploded in three buses. The attack caused panic but no casualties.

Seyfullah said the blast was the work of his group and warned of more explosions to come. “Our aim is to target the most critical points related to the Olympics. We will try to attack Chinese central cities severely, using the tactics that have never been employed”.


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