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The Marriott Bombing from Saturday 09/20/2008 evening just hours after Pakistan’s newly installed President, Asif Ali Zardari, said he would not allow Pakistan’s territory to be violated by terrorists or foreign powers fighting them (see – Bush 2008 approval), raises the question of who is behind it?

*The bombing occurred at a most busy time when hundreds gathered in the Hotel for the evening dinner ‘Iftar’ after the day fast of Ramadan. Clearly the intention was not to kill scores of innocent Muslims as such but was aimed to a special unique target.

*According to Pakistani intelligence officials a group of CIA officers stayed in the Marriott  Hotel at the time of the attack and it is possible that they were the prime target for the bombing, indeed the two Americans killed in the attack were described in USA media as “Defense Department employees”.

* On Monday 09/22/2008 Pakistani officials admitted that Pakistan’s top leaders were to have been in the Islamabad Marriott   Hotel when it was bombed – but changed venue at the last minute.  It is clear that the perpetrators had “intelligence” from inside the hotel about the events that were supposed to take place in the specific time of the attack.

* The attackers constructed the 600kg truck bomb at a safe house in the capital Islamabad because vehicles entering the city are subject to routine searches. But it is possible that the explosives used in the bomb could have been sneaked into Islamabad in small quantities from the FATA tribal belt bordering Afghanistan.

* RDX – the explosive was used in the attack, is a modern industrialized substance. Militants in Pakistan only rarely use stolen RDX. The question is where did such a large amount of RDX come from?

* Baitullah Mehsud , one of the leaders of Tehrik-e-Taleban (the Taliban Way), the Taliban branch in Pakistan, who is the prime suspect in Bhutto assassination, denied that his group was responsible for the attack. He said that their group does not believe in killing so many local Muslims in the attack. His announcements are regarded reliable.   

* On Monday 09/22/2008 evening a little known Pakistani militant group, ‘Fidayeen-e-Islam’, said on a phone call to BBC Urdu service in Islamabad, it carried out Saturday’s Marriot bombing. The group is based in Pakistan’s FATA tribal areas and connected to leading militant Baitullah Mehsud and to Tehrik-e-Taleban.

The group claimed the aim of the Marriott attack was to kick “American crusaders” out of Pakistan and stop them interfering in the government, the military and the media, as well as security, religious and other institutions in Pakistan.  

* The attacks bears all the characteristic hallmarks of the INDIAN Embassy Bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, committed on Monday 07/07/2008 morning, including the usage of RDX explosive and a fake claim of responsibility pretended to be by Taliban that vigorously denied any involvement in the attack   India and USA blame the notorious Pakistani Intelligence – ISI for the attack.

To sum it up there are indications that the Marriott  Hotel bombing was the “work” of segments in the Pakistani regime and not the production of a Taliban affiliated groups. No wonder that Pakistan refused to any foreign assistance, such as the American FBI, in the investigation of the Marriot Bombing.


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