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Tolga Durbin




Tolga  Durbin was born in 1978, is a German citizen from Turkish descend who lived in Ulm, Germany. He was active in the Multi Kultur Haus – MKH in Neu-Ulm and the Islamic Information Center – IIZ in Ulm which was, in fact, an Islamic center preaching the strict Wahhabism form of Islam, practiced in Saudi Arabia and a folower of Dr Yehia Yousif.


In the Islamic center Tolga  Durbin got acquainted with Fritz Martin Gelowicz, a convert ethnic German and both worked together in the solar heating business owned by Gelowicz’s father. He moved to live with Fritz Martin Gelowicz and both joined the “Islamic Jihad Union” -IJU .


In 2006, Tolga  Durbin travelled to Egypt, after studying Arabic at a local Mosque in Ulm.


On 06/10/2007, Tolga  Durbin was arrested in South Pakistan, together with stateless Lebanon-born and Sauerland – Saarland resident Houssain Al Malla, trying to cross the Pakistani-Iranian border using forged Afghan refugee cards. At the time of his arrest, he was carrying several thousand Euros, thousand Dollars and a satellite phone.  Tolga  Durbin allegedly tried to establish contact with the “Islamic Jihad Union” –IJU that have a training camp in FATA region, in South Waziristan in Baitullah Mehsud’s domain.


On 08/15/2007 Tolga  Durbin was extradited back to Germany and he was promptly arrested in the airport, accused of corrupting Houssain Al Malla and possessing Jjihadi videotapes.  Other sources said he was “under investigation” for “racist” attacks.


It is most likely that the arrest and investigation of Tolga  Durbin caused and scheduled the arrest, on 09/04/2007, of the Ramstein Plot conspirators, who were all in connection with him through the Sauerland Cell.   



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