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Partial list of terror attacks in the three Southern Muslim provinces of Thailand known as Patani-Raya. According to Thai police the number of fatalities in South Thailand, since attacks flared-up in 01/2004, reached 3004 on 03/20/2008.

* Police stations attack. On Tuesday 04/27/2004, Islamic rebels attacked, simultaneously, 15 police stations in the three provinces of South Thailand Yala, Pattani and Songkhla. Most of the attackers were armed with knifes and machetes and were wearing black headbands. 107 insurgents and 15 policemen were killed in the skirmishes. It is not perfectly clear whether the assailants acted on behalf of any ideology or it was just a local tribal conflict.

The next day, on Wednesday 04/28/2004, security forces using tear gas and rocket propelled grenades, stormed a Mosque in Kruesei. The police surrounded a gang killing around 30 of the attackers, most of them teenagers. Seventeen youths were arrested and 15 others were wounded in the Kruesei Mosque, officials said.


* Failed bomb attack. On 08/20/2004 police managed to defuse a 10 kg bomb placed at the entrance of a Bank in Southern Thailand. Most of the Bank’s customers were personnel from the Thai security apparatuses in the region.

 * Failed bomb attack. On 08/28/2004 a car bomb exploded in a market in Southern Thailand a day after the Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra visited the place. A second bomb was defused. There was no report of casualties in the blast.


 * Songkhla bombing – On 02/17/2005 a bomb exploded in the port town Songkhla, the capital of Songkhla Province in Southern Thailand. 4 people were killed in the blast.  


* Yala Bombing – on 03/04/2005 a bomb, detonated through a cell phone, exploded in Yala town, wounded two policemen and few citizens.


* Hat Yai triple bombings – On Sunday 04/03/2005, three bombes exploded, almost simultaneously, in the city of Hat Yai near the port town Songkhla. The bombs went of at the local airport, a supermarket and a hotel in the province’s capital Songkhla. 2 people were killed and about 30 were injured in the triple bombings. The next day, Monday 04/04/2005, 4 more soldiers were wounded when yet another road side bomb, also activated through a mobile phone, went of on an army patrol in the region.    


* South Thailand – On 06/13/2005 a 10 kg bomb, detonated by a cell phone, exploded near a local police station. One by passer citizen was killed and 3 other wounded.


* Narathiwat shooting – 0n 10/05/2005 armed men opened fire from a passing car on a checkpoint of the Thai Army in the Southern province of Narathiwat. 5 soldiers were killed. The attack came a day after a Thai policeman was shot dead in the same region. 


* South Thailand On 11/16/2005 Muslim rebels shot dead 9 people from two families in Southern Thailand, whom they suspected of cooperating with the Thai Government.


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