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A Cambodian court sentenced, on Wednesday 12/29/2004, the Indonesian terror suspect Hambali, in absentia, and five other Muslims, to life in prison for plotting a terrorist attack in the country, while freeing one Egyptian suspect Esam Mohamid Khider Ali .

The court sentenced Hambali, an Egyptian citizen known as Ibrahim and Rousha Yasser, 33, also known as Yasser Elsayed Mohamed, a fugitive, to life in prison. The three defendants were sentenced in absentia

The court also sentenced Cambodian Sman Ismael and two Thais, Abdul Azi Haji Chiming (pic-above) and Muhammad Yalaludin Mading (pic-below), to life in prison.

Sman Ismael met Ibrahim, alias Awang or Awe, while studying at an Islamic school in Thailand. He was arrested in Cambodia in 04/2004.

Abdul Azi Haji Chiming and Muhammad Yalaludin Mading are both from Yala province in Southern Thailand inhabited by Muslims. They were arrested in 05/2004, after Singaporean INDONESIAN JI operative Arifin Bin Ali, was arrested in Bangkok in May 2003, alleged that Abdul Azi Haji Chiming and Muhammad Yalaludin Mading were members of the terror group and had helped plan an attack. 

Only four of the seven defendants were present in court. Hambali has been in USA custody since his capture in Thailand on 08/11/2003, while Ibrahim and Yasser were also tried in absentia.

They were convicted of attempted premeditated murder with the goal of terrorism in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital between 2002 and 2003, the court said.

According to the court “Hambali had planned to attack the British embassy in Phnom Penh”. The others convicted were also involved in the plot.

Their trial stemmed from their membership of the Umm Al Qura group, which operated a Saudi-funded Islamic school outside Phnom Penh.

Indonesian police allege Hambali is a key member of the Al Qaeda-linked INDONESIAN JI network which authorities blame for numerous Indonesian bomb attacks, including the Bali ‘02 Bombings which killed 202 people.

Hambali reportedly spent several months in Cambodia.


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