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– Ahmad Ibrahim al-Sayyid Al-Naggar was born in Egypt in 1963. He became an activist in the EGYPTIAN Islamic Jihad and, as such, was under close inspection of the Egyptian Security service after the assassination of President Anwar Saadat, on 10/06/1981.

Ahmad Al-Naggar had been detained and tortured in Egypt on several occasions before he managed to flee the country in 1992.

In 10/16/1997 Ahmad Al-Naggar was sentenced in absentia to death in Egypt for directing numerous terror attacks in Egypt.

Ahmad Al-Naggar, the ringleader of the Tirana-Cell, was captured in Tirana on 07/30/1998, along with other 3 members of the EGYPTIAN Islamic Jihad, who weaved a terror network in Europe in order to support terror attacks in Egypt and Al Qaeda in its formation. The four suspects lived in Tirana and were, officially, active in an Islamic organization.

They were caught by a joint Extraordinary Rendition operation of the CIA and the Albanian intelligence and after short interrogation extradited to Egypt.

Ahmad Al-Naggar went through brutal torture and sent to court as the prime defendant in the ALBANIAN-TRIAL. He was found guilty and was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison.



* Ahmad Ismail Uthman was sentenced in absentia, In 03/1994.  to death in Egypt for directing numerous terror attacks in Egypt.

Ahmad Ismail Uthman was associated to Ahmad Al-Naggar and lived with him in Tirana, Albania. He was arrested on 08/01/1998, a day after Ahmad Al-Naggar, and extradited to Egypt.

* Ahmad Al-Naggar and co-defendant Ahmad Ismail Uthman were executed on the morning of 02/23/2000, on the basis of their earlier convictions and death sentences by military tribunals in 1997 and 1994 respectively.


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