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A very bizarre coalition is gathering each time when anti-Israeli or anti-American demonstrations are tacking place in the Western Democracies. Neo-Nazis are marching, side by side with radical anarchists, with Trozkysts and communists, considered to be their ideological opponents and adversaries. They all march together with radical Islamists who hate the western culture as such and sympathize with the ideas of Global Jihad. There is not even a minimum of common ground between all those radical fringes but a deep hate to Jews and Israel. That hate is so strong that it brings together such a bizarre coalition (see – Durban 2009).

In 02/2009 footage of a Muslim radical preacher Abdullah al-Nafisi was distributed in the web. In the footage he also suggests that Al Qaeda might want to collaborate with members of native U.S. white the supremacist militias who hate the federal government. There is almost nothing in common between Islamic militants in Kuwait and Bahrain and white supremacist militias in USA, they are, by their definition, bitter rivals. If there is something in common it is bitter hate to the values of USA (see – US-Mex Border).

There are common ground and common interests between Venezuela and Iran to control the oil prices for the benefit of both but the strong alliance between Venezuela and Iran goes even more beyond commercial interests. The Venezuelan-Iranian alliance is basically an anti-American alliance motivated by deep resentment of what USA is representing.

A recent report, buplished on Monday 06/15/2009, by the Open Source Center (OSC) of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in USA pointed out the growing cooperation between Iran, a radical Muslim country run by Islamic clergy – the Ayatollahs, and a South American country with a nearly 100 percent Christian population and run by a socialist regime – Bolivia.

There are only 1,000 Muslims in Bolivia, a country of 9.7 million people, but the connection between some of the community’s religious leaders and Iran — as well as with fundamentalist factions in the Palestinian territories — has USA officials and terror experts keeping a watchful eye on them.           

“There’s a theory that they may believe — Latin America, particularly with its Leftist leanings in recent years, may be more receptive to the anti-American-type rhetoric that we’ve been accustomed to hearing from Iran,” said a U.S. intelligence official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

One Muslim leader named in the report, Mahmud Amer Abusharar, founded the Centro Islamico Boliviano (CIB) in Santa Cruz. Mahmud Amer Abusharar emigrated from the Palestinian territories in 1974 and claims to have built Bolivia’s first mosque in 1994 so that he would not lose touch with his religion. But public statements by Mahmud Amer Abusharar and other members of his mosque reveal clear anti-US sentiments.

The CIB is also the Bolivian headquarters for the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), a Saudi-based major fundraiser for the Muslim community. According to USA State Department documents, one of its regional offices in Northern Virginia was raided by the FBI in connection with terrorist activities in 2004.

There are initial signs that the Global Jihad against Crusaders (Christians) and Jews is transforming itself to Jihad against USA and Jews motivated more by resentment to USA then devotion to Islam and based on a coalition of hate with nothing else as common ground.


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