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Khaled Al-Fawaz, alias Abu Omar, possibly the same man known also as Abu Mahdi al Saudi, was born in Kuwait on 08/25/1962. He and his family returned to Saudi Arabia in 1979 amide the turmoil of the Islamic revolution in Iran.


In 1991-2, according to Houssaine Kherchtou, Khaled Al-Fawaz went through military training in Abu Bakr Sadeeq camp, near Khost, Afghanistan, then under Taliban control.   


Khaled Al-Fawaz arrived to UK in 1994, after he fled Saudi Arabia, and joined Saad Faqih in his anti-Saudi activity in London. He also shared office in London with Saad Faqih during 1994-97. In London Khaled Al-Fawaz ran the anti Saudi Advice and Reform Committee’ (ARC). In 1995, while Osama Bin Laden was in Sudan, Khaled Al-Fawaz was said to be attempting to pave the way for bin Laden to move to Britain.


Khaled Al-Fawaz rented an office of his own in early 1997 which functioned as a press and communication office for Osama Bin Laden in London. According to American intelligence, Khaled Al-Fawaz helped to facilitate the 08/07/1998 attack on the USA Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. USA intercepted a phone connection between Khaled Al-Fawaz and Fazul Abdullah Mohammed in summer 1997, about a year before the attack.


Khaled Al-Fawaz was, therefore, arrested in a group of seven Islamists living in England as part of Operation Challenge, early in the morning of 09/23/1998. All other detainees were from Egypt and the arrests were urged by the Egyptian authorities.


On 04/19/2002 Khaled Al-Fawaz’s assets in USA were frozen in UK and USA. Today (08/2009) Khaled Al-Fawaz is kept in UK prison fighting his extradition to USA. On 08/07/2009 UK Court dismissed his requests against US Extradition.
* Britain can extradite Khaled Al-Fawaz and four other suspects to the USA to face terrorism charges, Europe’s Human Rights Court in Strasbourg ruled, on Tuesday 04/10/2012 (see -EHRC – 04.10.12). Khaled Al-Fawaz was, eventually, handed over to US authorities. on Friday 10/05/2012.  
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