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Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed was born in the early 70s’ in Comoro Islands . He moved to Nairobi, Kenya s’ capital and in 1994 became the secretary of Wadih el Hage in the . That job, probably, linked Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed later to Al Qaeda.

In 1996 Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed was clearly affiliated to Al Qaeda.  When one of the co-founders of the organization and the head of East Africa region – Abu Ubaidah al-Banshiri  – sank in Lake Victoria, on the ferry MV Bukoba, Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed was sent to the scene to verify Abu Ubaidah al-Banshiri s’ death.

It is known that Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed used to travel between Mogadishu in Somalia, which was his safe haven, to Kenya and back.

The name of Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed as, presumably, the East African leader of Al Qaeda came up following the investigation of the 08/07/1998 attack in Kenya and Tanzania and he became wanted by USA and Kenyan Authority.

In late 2001 Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed traveled to Monrovia, Liberia, in West Africa, with another suspect in the embassy bombings, Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani. The UK’s Observer newspaper reported in 2002 that the two men allegedly ran a lucrative Al Qaeda financing operation, trading illegal “blood diamonds” for cash.

On 07/12/2002 Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed was arrested in Nairobi, Kenya with Saleh Ali Nabhan, who later participated in the Mombasa Paradise attack, for using forged credit cards. Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed managed to fool the police and to escape shortly after his arrest.

In 08/2002 Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed snicked back to Kenya and began to organize the Mombasa Paradise attack that was executed on 11/28/2002. Using the Alias Abdul Karim, he spent much of the time before the attack with the Mombasa cell in Mohammed Kubwa Mohammeds’ farm house, that served as the base of operation for the attack. Kubwa Mohammed subsequently allowed his daughter Amina to marry Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed in late December 2002. 

Days before the Mombasa Paradise attack Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed fled back to Somalia. He returned several times to Kenya. In 08/2003 Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed escaped arrest when his host Faisal Ali Nasur blew himself up with a hand grenade in the old city of Mombasa and prevented the police from catching Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed. The second time, in 10/2003 he, once again, evaded arrest as he came two hours late to a meting with a former colleague, Mohammed Kubwa Mohammeds’  son in law, Ali Hamza Fody, who cut a deal with the Kenyan authority and became an informant of the police. The FBI also included Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed in the Summer 2004 Alert .

Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed temporarily disappeared from his pursuers. On Sunday 01/07/2007, after the Ethiopian-Somali War, USA carried out an air strike in South Somalia, according to intelligence sources, in order to kill Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed but he managed to escaped unharmed.

Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed uses many aliases, the most common was  Haroon .

* According to unconfirmed reports and the Kenyan police in Nairobi, on Saturday 06/11/2011, Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed was killed in Mogadishu by Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces at a roadblock in the Afgooye corridor, a roughly 20km-long strip of land north-west of Mogadishu, at about 0200 on Wednesday 06/08/2011, regional security sources told AFP. Somali sources told AFP that Abdullah was carrying some $40,000 in cash and a South African passport bearing the name “Daniel Robinson“.

Issued on 04/13/2009, it indicated that Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed had left South Africa on 03/19/2011 for Tanzania, where he was granted a visa. He appeared to have come from Lower Juba, in southern Somalia, where he was heading a group of foreign fighters under the name of “Abu-Abdirahman the Canadian”, the sources added.

In 2007, Fazul  Abdullah Mohammed survived a US air strike on the southern Somali coastal village of Hayo, near the town of Ras Kamboni (see – Attempt 01.09.07 ).

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