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* Midhat Guler was born in Turkey in 1959. He is married, a father of 5 and a Turkish citizen. Midhat Guler lived in Paris suburb of Courtry, France, since 1976, where he worked as a market trader and was an Imam of a Mosque, near the Bastille used mainly by the Turkish community of Paris.

Midhat Guler was a follower of Mohammed Metin Kaplan and a supporter of the so called Cologne Khalifat. Midhat Guler was detained on 05/21/2004 because of his radical preaching in his Mosque, in which he called for Jihad against the Western culture and Western Democracies. He was supposed to be sent back to Turkey, but he asked for political asylum to prevent his deportation to Turkey. On 06/13/2004 he was, eventually, deported back to Turkey.

Midhat Guler was one of eight Muslim men France has expelled in 2004 on the ground that they are preachers who foment anti-Western sentiment and violence in their sermons.



* Abdelkader Bouziane was born in 1962 in Algeria. He arrived to France in 1980. Since 1990 Abdelkader Bouziane began to adopt Salafist thinking and a strict version of Islam. Initially he preached form the Douchere suburb of Lyon and then as the Imam of Vénissieux Mosque, not far frome Lyon. He is married to two wives and has 16 children.

Despite his radical approach Abdelkader Bouziane tried and supported integration of young Muslims in the secular French society.

Abdelkader Bouziane Islamic views turned radical when USA invaded Iraq, in 03/2003. He issued a fatwa calling to attack American interests in France.

In 04/2004 Abdelkader Bouziane was arrested administratively for disturbing the public order after publicly supporting physical punishment for women, including stoning, in certain circumstances, and incited to terror. Muslim leaders in France condemned the imam’s remarks, saying Islam did not condone domestic violence.

On 04/24/2004, Abdelkader Bouziane was deported from France back to Algeria. Two days later a French court ordered the authorities to enable his return to France, if he wishes so, since the French Interior minister at the time, Nicolas Sarkozy, did not provide enough evidence to the rush of the deportation.

Abdelkader Bouziane said he meant to return to France but on 10/04/2004 the French High Court approved his deportation.


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