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The Pakistani crucible of terror is, actually, two different crucibles of terror heading, each one of them, to another direction.


The first conglomerate of terror is related to the war in Afghanistan. It is based on the ethnic bonds between the Pashtu tribes on the two sides of the Afghan-Pakistan border, on common traditions, common resentment to strangers, common Urdu language and common perception of Islam. The Pashtu tribes in Afghanistan are represented, by large extent, by a cooperation of organizations which the Western powers refer as the Taliban. Although supported for a long time by the Pakistani notorious intelligence – ISI, the Pashtu tribes were never a part of the Pakistani establishment, the officer corps In the Pakistani army and the semi democratic political system. The Pashtu tribes were run by agencies, such as FATA and NWFP, appointed by the central regime. Furthermore the Pashtu provinces suffered from economic negligence and are of the most sub developed regions of Pakistan.


Under immense pressure from the USA the Pakistani army, finally, is cracking down determinedly, on the Pashtu tribes in Pakistan since the Swat-Crisis of 05/2009. In fact in Pakistan a civil war is going on between the Pakistani regime and the Pashtu tribes, the Tehrik-e-Taleban alliance.


At the very same time the second cobweb of terror, which is related to the war in Kashmir and the confrontation with India, is gaining power undisturbed (see – 42-Camps). The Kashmir terror has its origin in the bloody separation of Pakistan from India, back in 1947, the deportation of millions of Muslims from the nowadays Indian side of the border to Punjab, in the Pakistani side, and vice versa. Punjab is the heartland of Pakistan, its population is the majority of Pakistan. The Punjabis are the elite of the Pakistani political system, lead the army and dominate the economy. Therefore the Kashmiri terror is a coherent part of the Pakistani national ethos and the military establishment, through the intelligence notorious apparatus –ISI. Indeed almost all the Kashmiri terror organizations where, indeed, formed by ISI, supported and directed by the military Pakistani establishment.


Since peace between India and Pakistan will severely undermine the privilege status of the army in the Pakistani society, there are suspicions that whenever the Indian-Pakistani relations were heating up and threats were replaced by peace negotiation, a mysterious hand committed yet another spectacular terror attack in India (see – Mumbai Carnage). In previous cases the traces always led, eventually, to the Pakistani military intelligence – ISI.  


This Kashmiri terror does effect only little the war in Afghanistan, no wonder that the Western powers in Afghanistan are much more tolerant toward its existence as long as Pakistan is fighting the Taliban seriously. The Kashmiri terror is also protected from major response from India by the Pakistani nuclear umbrella. 


Therefore, as long as Pakistan will fight its local Taliban vigorously, the other head of Pakistani terror, the anti-Indian terror network, will continue to prosper, to threat the peace in the Indian subcontinent and to keep the unique status of the Pakistani Army in the fragile Pakistani democracy.


Pakistan is a good example to the negative relations between nuclear power and state sponsored terror as the case in Pakistan is.
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