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* Abu Ahmed Al-KUwaiti is a Pakistani from Pakistan’s tribal area known as FATA, who was raised in Kuwait and spoke, therefore, both Pashtu and Arabic. That meant he could communicate and move easily among both the “Afghan Arabs” who had flocked to Afghanistan in the 1990s’ to join Al Qaeda and the Pakistani tribesman suspected of harboring Osama Bin Laden. It is assumed that he got acquainted to Khalid Shaik Mohammed through their common background in Kuwait.

According to Guantanamo detainees Mohamed Al Kahtani and Hambali Abu Ahmed Al-KUwaiti trained Al Qaeda operatives, prior to The 9/11, with computers techniques. He served in Kandahar, Afghanistan in the Al Qaeda media house operated by Khalid Shaik Mohammed and was an Al Qaeda facilitator and courier.

According to intelligence report Abu Ahmed Al-KUwaiti was seen in Tora Bora in late 2001 and it is possible Al-KUwaiti accompanied Osama Bin Laden in Tora Bora prior to his disappearances.  

Hassan Ghul was a top Al Qaeda operative who was arrested in Iraq in 2004. Ghul told the CIA Abu Ahmed Al-KUwaiti worked closely as a loyal and trusted courier with Khalid Shaik Mohammed’s replacement, Abu Faraj al-Liby, who ascended to second in command to Osama Bin Laden with Mohammed’s capture, in 03/2003. Abu Faraj al-Liby himself was handed over from Pakistan to USA in 06/2005. Initially Abu Faraj al-Liby  said in his interrogation that bin Laden’s “designated” courier and “official messenger” was another man: Malawi Abd al Khaliq Jan. CIA officials later concluded that no such person even existed — and that Al Libi, like Mohammed, was trying to conceal Abu Ahmed Al-KUwaiti’s role in order to protect Bin Laden himself.

In 08/2010 Sheikh Abu Ahmed Al-KUwaiti was, finally, identified and spotted in Peshawar, North West Pakistan. He was followed up to Abbottabad, where the CIA managed to establish an undercover “safe house” not far from Sheikh Abu Ahmed Al-KUwaiti’s compound in Abbottabad in order to monitor the surrounding region as tight as possible.  Sheikh Abu Ahmed Al-KUwaiti then made a crucial cell phone conversation from the compound in Abbottabad which, eventually, provided the necessary piece of information needed to carry on with an operation to kill Osma Bin Laden. Abu Ahmed Al-KUwaiti’s occupation was given to locals in Abbottabad as a money changer and that his purpose for such high walls was to keep out enemies he had encountered in his profession.  

USA Navy Seals team carried out on 05/01/2011 the Abbottabad Raid in which Osama Bin Laden himself, Sheikh Abu Ahmed Al-KUwaiti, his brother and a younger son of Bin Laden were killed.

USA Navy Seals team  also seized in Abbottabad compound 5 computers, about 100 CD discs, a disk on Key and other materials which can paralyze Al Qaeda for long time.


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