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On Saturday 04/04/2009 the 15.5 years teenager Bedouin girl, an Israeli citizen from the Bedouin village Houra near Beer-Sheba, attempted to open fire on a Border Police officer in a compound near here home town.  The officer was able to deflect the terrorist’s gun. She then ran away and opened fire again, with officers returning fire and killing her. The girl, identified later as Basma Awad an-Nabari, managed to shoot four shots from here pistol before being gunned down. 

Police searched the house of Basma Awad an-Nabari, and found that she had written in her letters that she wanted to be a Martyr (Shahida) and to kill as many as possible police officers and soldiers. Basma Awad an-Nabari wrote in here notebook that she can’t sleep at night because she hears the “children of Gaza screaming” (see – Cast-Lead Diary).

Nabari’s family claims that she was a good student and a quiet girl and could not have committed a terrorist attack. The letters strengthen the police’s claim that Nabari wanted to carry out a terrorist attack.

If terror is defined as “indiscriminate attack on civilians in order to cause panic and fear” Basma Awad an-Nabari was certainly not a terrorist. She targeted a police compound deliberately rather then a shopping mall randomly.


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