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A.Turkey is obsessed with the removal of Bashar Assad from power in Syria and refused, so far, to join any operations against any opposition in Syria up to late 07/2015, three weeks ago. .

.B. – Turkey was the gateway for over 25,000 thousands foreign Muslim volunteers, over 6,000 of them from Europe, to join islamic organizations in Syria.

.C. –Turkey was the broker and the distributer of ISIS oil. pumped in Iraq, to the world market and transferred many millions $  to the organisation, described by many as the richest ever in the history of terror.

No doubt that Turkey has a fair share in the fast raise of I.S,I,S from a peripheral Jihadi organisation in Iraq  to the richest terror organisation ever, a worldwide threat and the spearhead of Global Jihad.   


isistanbulTherefore the Turkish agreement, on Thursday 07/23/2015, to allow USA planes to launch air strikes against Islamic State  fighters from its airbase at Incirlik, South-Eastern Turkey, is considered by ISIS as a major betrayal.

ISIS has recently released a video. posted on public 0n 08/18/2015, calling Turkish people to “conquer Istanbul and Turkey from the ones who cooperate with the West,” while referring to President Erdoğan as “Satan” who allegedly sold the country to the USA and Western powers and harshly criticized him for supporting the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS.

Speaking in Turkish, the unidentified ISIS terrorist says that it is necessary for the people of Turkey to rebel against the “atheists, crusaders and ‘Satans’ who fool them and make them a slave to the crusaders” before it is too late.

“You first need to repent from all the reasons –which are caused by this treacherous Satan (Erdoğan) and his friends- that bother you,” said the militant and added that, “Turkish people should refuse to accept democracy, secularism, human laws, and all types of other evils.”

“Those who believe fight in the way of God, while disbelievers fight in the way of Satan,” the terrorist said and added that, “Whoever follows the path of Atatürk and disregards Sharia, allegedly become Satan themselves by befriending the Crusaders, apostates and atheists.”

The terrorist urged Turkish people to join the side of ISIS and fight against the Turkish state, which he claimed was ruled by Satan (President Erdoğan) and democracy.

Since July 24, around 1,600 people have been arrested in a wave of counter-terrorism raids, amid a spike in attacks targeting police and the army after a July 20 deadly suicide bombing in the southeastern Suruç district which killed 32 civilians.

Turkey is a prominent Sunni Muslim Country and the current President Tayyp Erdogan built his political power on inflaming  Islamic sentiments and ideas and the country is now way more Islamic rather than Democratic relative to five years ago. Turkey is also trapped with the renewed war against the Kurdish insurgency  and threatened by Iran not to interfere in Syria  – It is a payback to  President  Tayyp Erdogan and a  big trouble for Turkey.


* Note – Up to recently Israel was the “Small Satan” and USA the big one. Now America is still the “big Satan” for all jihadists but the small one is no longer Israel but, ironically,   Turkey.  


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