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Bangkokex1A bomb has exploded, on Monday 08/17/2015 at about 19:00 local time (12:00 GMT). close to the Erawan Shrine in the centre of Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, killing at least 21 people and injuring over 120 . A second bomb has been found in the area and made safe, officials say.

The explosion  took place close to the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok’s central Chidlom district next to a five-star hotel,. The Erawan Shrine is to the Hindu god Brahma, but is also visited by thousands of Buddhists each day and a major tourist attraction and the Thai government said the attack was aimed at foreigners. Local media report that tourists may be among the casualties. Some reports said the bomb had been on a motorcycle, others that it was tied to an electricity pole.which is typical to the area .

Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwong said: “It was a TNT bomb… the people who did it targeted foreigners and to damage tourism and the economy.”

The Erawan Shrine is popular with Chinese tourists and this raises at least the possibility of a connection to the Uighurs – a Turkic-speaking Muslim minority in the far North-West Xinjiang Province of China. They complain of cultural and religious persecution at the hands of the Beijing authorities. Last month more than 100 Uighurs were deported from Thailand to China – a move that prompted widespread condemnation. But while there are violent elements in the Uighur movement, an attack on this scale outside China would be unusual to say the least.

There has been also a Muslim insurgency, but this has been largely confined to Patani-Raya in the  south of the country and attacks rarely take place elsewhere.

The Modus Operandi of the bombings, tourist sites and multiple bombs to be detonated one after the other raises the fear it has the fingerprints of Global Jihad .  


ScreenshotPolice released, the next day, Tuesday  08/18/2015, images on Tuesday showing a man, apparently young, slightly built and wearing a yellow T-shirt and dark shorts, walking into the shrine with a backpack.

Also on Tuesday a small explosion on Tuesday by a bridge at the city’s Chao Praya River has been tied to Monday’s bomb, probably aiming for a pier below where people were waiting to catch one of the large long Chao Phraya River “taxis”,

Colonel Kamthorn Ouicharoen, of the Thai bomb squad police, confirmed the bridge bomb was the same type as the one detonated at the Erawan shrine. 

BANGBOMBThai police chief Somyot Poompanmoung told the Associated Press news agency, on Wednesday 08/19/2015,  that the shrine attack was the work of more than one person. “It’s a network,” he said.

The Thai police also distributed a sketch of the suspected bomber and are offering a one million baht (£17,935) reward for anyone who can provide information leading the arrest of the bomber. in order to, eventually, detain him for further interrogation. 

* Monday’s bombing in Thailand was “unlikely” to have been the work of an international terror group, Col Winthai Suvaree, a spokesman for the ruling military junta has said on Thursday 08/20/2015. This was the preliminary conclusion reached by investigators.

Col Winthai Suvaree, a spokesman for the ruling military junta, said this was the preliminary conclusion reached by investigators. However, authorities said the prime suspect in the bombings was foreign. Police said that at least 10 people are suspected of involvement in the attack.

BANGSUS* The Thai police, on Saturday 08/29/2015, have arrested a man looks like the one we are looking for”, according to Plice spokesman, Prawut Thavornsiri. Police also raided an apartment used by the man in northern Bangkok on Saturday and found possible bomb-making materials, Mr Thawornsiri said that the arrested man is a foreigner but refused to say whether he is Turkish, as reported earlier by some Bangkok media. “We found dozens of passports inside his room. We have to check which nationalities they belong to,” he said.

The document appeared to be a Turkish passport, belonging to a man Adem Karadag,  born in 1987.

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