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Ahmed Mohammed Hamed Ali is an USA citizen of Egyptian Muslim origin born in 1951. He was conscripted to Egyptian army in 1970, served in the Egyptian military intelligence and got commando training, as a member of the Egyptian army, in Port Brag, USA, at the beginning of 1980. Afterwards he served in security services for the Egyptian embassies and diplomats abroad. Ali  Mohammed was dismissed from the army in 1984 in the rank of major, after the murder of President Anwar Saadat by Khalid El-Islambouli, as he was suspected of extreme views and connection to fanatic Islamic fractions in Egypt. Nevertheless Ali  Mohammed got employment as consultant on security in the Egyptian airlines. On the instruction of Ayman Al Zawahiri Ali  Mohammed performed first task of collecting information for the Al Qaeda as it was forming: a report on security measures practiced in Cairo airport. Later Ali  Mohammed offered the American embassy in Cairo his services as an informant.  


Ali  Mohammeds’ first mission through the CIA was to infiltrate the Muslim circles in Hamburg, Germany. Most probably he exposed his identity deliberately and was considered by his CIA, already then, as a double agent. According to CIA sources he was dismissed as he made unauthorized contacts with a known Hizbullah activist in Germany. 


In conspiracy with Ayman Al Zawahiri , who planned to set “dormant” agents in the USA, Ali  Mohammed flew to  USA in 1985 and asked for asylum under the pretext of being persecuted in his homeland for his deep religious belief. In 1986 Ali  Mohammed joined Special Forces and was sent at the beginning of 1986 to Egypt to participate in “Bright Star” manouvres. At that time the Egyptians warned American officers about Ali  Mohammed s’ extreme views and he was sent back to USA. 


At the end of the 80s’, probably 1988, contradictory to army instructions and breaching explicit orders, Ali  Mohammed flew on his vacation to Afghanistan to fight there against the Russians as an emissary of the Al Farook Mosque which he frequented in New York. In Afghanistan Ali  Mohammed met in person with Osama Bin Laden for the first time. When he got back to USA – Ali  Mohammed used to show off a Russian soldiers’ belt he claimed to have killed in combat. This outrageous behavior caused anger among Ali Mohammeds’ commanders, who reported to higher ranks, and he was discharged from the army. 


In 1989 Ali  Mohammed opened a shop in Santa Clara, California, with another Egyptian – Haled Abu el Dahab. His apartment served as a meeting place for Jihad activists in the USA, among them Ayman Al Zawahiri, who visited in the USA in 1990. In 1990 Ali  Mohammed married his girlfriend, which he met on a flight in 1985, and, hence, got American citizenship. At the same time, as a civilian, he trained American officers and soldiers in Arabic and Muslim culture. He did not refrain from making anti American and ISRAELIi comments but little notice was taken as Ali Mohammeds’ comments were thought to be “boring”. Ali  Mohammed used to steal documents from the army, which he hid in the apartment of El Sayyid Nosair , participant in Al Farook Mosque and the murderer of Rabbi Meir Kahana on 11/05/1990, where he used to stay on visits to New York. 


After the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahana Ali  Mohammed offered his services to the FBI and was delegated to act as an undercover agent close to the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman. Ali  Mohammed succeeded to mislead his operators and distance suspicions from the Sheikh who was engaged, at that time, with the planning of the first terrorist attack on the WTC in 02/26/1993. Ali  Mohammed was already the double agent in the service of the Global Jihad


At the beginning of 1990 Ali  Mohammed started to train on weekend a group of Muslims from the Al Farook Mosque. All of those he trained had part in later major terrorist acts. On one of those training weekends Ali  Mohammed was filmed by the FBI with his trainees: El Sayyid Nosair , Clement Rodney Hampton, Mahmud Abuhalima and others. 


Throughout 1991 till 1993 Ali  Mohammed traveled several times there and back to Afghanistan and Sudan. He helped Osama Bin Laden to train fighters in various attack and hijacking techniques including airplane hijacking, training to personal security guard of Osama bin Laden, widening the activities of Al Qaeda in Sudan and smuggling terror activists to the USA through Canada. Ali  Mohammed was apprehended in 1992 in Rome when his suitcase was found to have a double base, but as no real fault was found – he was released. Ali  Mohammed was apprehended again in 1993 in Vancouver, Canada, while waiting in the airport for the arrival of a messenger under the name of Essam Marzouk, who used falsified passports. The Canadians suspected Ali  Mohammed as an Al Qaeda high ranking activist. Ali  Mohammed persuaded the Canadians that he acted as an FBI informant and gave them the telephone number of his FBI operator. Conversation with the FBI operator made the Canadians release Ali  Mohammed even though they had heavy doubts about him. Isam Marzuk was released later on a guaranty paid by Ali Mohammeds’ room mate and assistance – Khaled Abu-Dahab


At that period of time in 1992 Ali  Mohammed made contact between Osama Bin Laden and Imad Muranieh from the Hizbullah. Cooperation of these two brought upon the attack on Khobar Towers in Dahran, Saudi Arabia, 06/29/1996, which was mainly the work of Hizbullah activists. 


In 1993 Ali  Mohammed traveled to Kenya on the request of Osama Bin Laden, together with Wadih el Hage, an acquaintance from the Al Farook Mosque, with the intent to choose and photograph possible targets of the USA, Britain or ISRAELI in Nairobi, Kenya. Ali Mohammeds’ photos of the American Embassy in Nairobi, with his remarks, were used to plan and execute the attack on 08/07/1998. When Ali  Mohammed was summoned for questioning in the USA he explained that he ran a leather business in Kenya. 


In 12/1994, in the USA, Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, the son in law of Osama Bin Laden and his contact man to terrorist cells in the USA who lived on the same street as Ali  Mohammed, was apprehended and later expelled from the States. Afterwards Ayman Al Zawahiri paid his last visit to Ali  Mohammed in 04/1994 probably with the aim of renewing contacts with terrorist cells in the USA. In the meantime the defense layers in the trial of El Sayyid Nosair and his cooperators in the “ Day of Terror ” plot demanded to call Ali Muhammed to give evidence as to how Port Brag documents got into El Sayyid Nosair s’ apartment. Although the FBI prevented Ali Muhammeds’ testimony in court – their suspicions were raised. Ali  Mohammed succeeded through his contacts in the FBI and the judicial procedure to uncover the list of Muslim suspects of terror activities in the USA. He took steps to warn them. 


In 12/1996, already under heavy suspicion, Ali  Mohammed traveled once more to Sudan and aided Osama Bin Laden to transfer all of his activity from Sudan to Afghanistan, including the training infrastructure. Ali  Mohammed, while under surveillance, was heard once mention a terrorist attack in East Africa. He was arrested, in secrecy, in 08/10/1998. After a year of imprisonment Ali  Mohammed admitted to his part in the attack in Kenya and to terrorist activity in USA. He exposed Al Qaeda, its’ methods and possible targets. He was found guilty on his admission in 10/20/2000 but not, as yet (02/2007), sentenced. Ali  Mohammed continues to give information, which is of declining importance, while guarded under the witness protection program in an unknown location (see also – Houssaine Kherchtou ).



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